About her "Titanic" Story

". . . it was one of the great story experiences in my 30 years of listening." - Chuck Larkin, Storyteller

"I thought the movie was OK, but I like yours better. It kept me on the end of my seat." - Chris, 6th Grade

" . . . was the best story I have ever had told to me!" - Jennifer, 8th Grade


What people are saying about B.J.'s presentations to:


"You really have a way of involving children and yet keeping good control of the larger group of just listeners." - Teachers at Margaret Mitchell Elementary, Atlanta

"You held them spellbound throughout ...appreciated the rapport between you and the kids." - Judy Smith, Librarian

"Your storytelling was great! I hope you get on TV so I can see you all the time." - Jessie, 5th Grade

"As a camp director, I was especially impressed with B.J.'s rapport with the children. One student said he was 'using my imagination like I learned to do with B.J.'" - Marilyn Netties, Atlanta



"Your Stories were right on, and the way you used your voices was inspired." - Barbara Goltz, Program Chair

"I thought there was a whole room of actors in there!" - Retirement Home Director

"I think the rest of her life is an impersonation!" - Nancy Kavanaugh, Exec. Executive Director, NSN


                    You may have seen or heard B.J. as

                Storyteller for "Blaze," 1996 Paralympics Mascot

or at

      • The Norwegian Cultural Olympiad, Fernbank Museum of Natural History
      • National Storytelling Conference (GA & TN)
      • Featured teller at storytelling festivals
      • Barter Theatre of Abingdon, VA
      • Numerous bookstores and libraries throughout the Southeast

or in

      • a PSA on "Praire Home Companion"
      • a PSA on WAFS AM radio

or on

      • DeKalb Educational TV Story Time, Atlanta
      • PSA on WPBA TV, Atlanta
      • DeKalb Community TV