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Topher walked into the store, he looked around a little bit but didn't see anything too interesting.  It was just your run-of-the-mill generic occult shop. The shop itself is not that large, a small thing 30 feet by 40 feet. Fill with the run-of-the-mill plastic skulls and display racks of medallions.  As he walked by the front display case where he spotted a Byzantine era silver mask. He walked up to the display case and looked carefully at it, the sales clerk was busy with an in another customer far down from him. He crouched down and placed his hands on the glass. He closed his eyes, and deeply remembering the physics of the Law of Time and space, in that  glasses is a liquid that flows very slowly therefore like any liquid you should be able to reach right through it, time, yes time is just a factor of distance (one masers that distance on how long it takes you to get there, and masers time on how far one can go. When the hands of the clock move around the face one time that it's an hour. ) Both time and space are but an illusion of the mind perceives them. He pressed his hands hard against the glass remembering all he had been taught. The glass was very displeased with his actions and refuse to move, but Topher kept saying the laws in his head, the glass moves and wiggled around his fingers as if he was pressing on Jell-O, then the glass finally listened and his hands slipped through it as if he's placed his hands in a bathtub of water, he grabbed the silver mask in his hands and looked at it felt its weight and check for all the proper markings, the markings were there in the wrong order the symbols were off. This was not true the mask he sought, it was either a poorer for forgery, or a bad reproduction. But either way he was not real, as he placed the mask down with his right hand he removed his will left hand from the case, he slowly polled his right hand from the case. And just as the very tip of his index finger was passing through. The glass is very angry and became a wall once again. Topher felt fear run down his, but he quickly pushed aside and forced his thoughts into the glass you are liquid once again let my hands pass. He quickly pulled his finger out of the display case and examined it. His index finger just around the very tip looks like someone placed a ring that was too tight, it left an indentation, and his nails was scraped and slightly cut, but no true harm had come. Topher looked around, and saw why the glass had disobeyed him. The owner of the shop had walked by, which caused the glass to remember that it is a barrier or wall, and not something to be modeled with. Topper had the thought flashed through his mind that he should stand up and asked the owner about the mask, but what point would come from that he was not interested in it anymore. So he just slowly turns around and looks through the shop once more. Before him was a table covered with polished stones. And behind those were the bookcases. But in the back of the shop something caught his eye. It was a mirror, it had a nice heavy gold frame that looked like it was made out of flowers, it was mounted in a small room that had a step in front, you could almost mistake the room for being a short hallway or closet with two changing rooms on either side. He slowly walked up to it, checking is a reflection. He ran his hand around its frame. Then he looked deep into the mirror. And he saw the flaw once again. The flaw he's always knew was there, the one that had led him into this path that others called Magic. He placed his hand on the mirror. Took a breath and stepped forth not through the mirror but into it. To the back room, this is where the real magic shop was. And only those I can see the flaw may interest in Notes its power. Topher stood on the other side of the mirror, this is the second time he's done such a thing and it still made him nervous.  Is this the world and you decide from the reflection, or is he now standing in the reflection and the world is but a faint memory. This was not the time for these thoughts. He slowly walked from the back of the new store, to the outside. Which he found was more like someone's personal garden, around the doorway hung potted plants next to stoop were a different herbs growing up in small bunches the lawn was a thick and deep mangy type of grass, and the weeds only popped up in the farthest corners, where they tried to hide as if they were flowers, the place was shrouded in a large wrought iron fence, which was patched with old fireplace grates and bicycles parks, woven into the fence were different types of berry bushes, and climbing roses. around the yard were stone benches and tree stumps carved into chairs, and on the very far corner of the yard was a little gazebo, inside set a beautiful young lady dressed all in white silk and lace. In front of her was a wrought iron tea table set for two, as Topher approached the gazebo. She waved to him and asked him to sit. And on the table in the midst of tea cups, sugar bowl, cream and teapots, spoons and such, was a set of tarot cards, they looked very old and worn around the edges on the back was a image of two cats playing with the circle stars around them. She bade to him to take a card. Telling him she liked to know what the person she's having tea with is like, so she knows what to pour him. Topher very slowly reached for and then cutting the deck once. He drew his card. Topher always preferred each the “Ace of swords” or the” fool”. He felt these cards most represented him in the way he wanted to live. The fool being too interested in what around him the splendor of life that he did not pay attention to the path he was taking and therefore walked off the cliff. The fool is not dumb the fools are stupid actually is quite educated, he is just lost in the loves to explore the world.  he just foolish and does not seem to cares about what he does and what he says. On the other hand the Ace of swords is a power card like all aces is the beginning and the end, swords represent power, skill, and the element of air. Air which is falling unstoppable unintrusive but without if we all would die.  But he did not draw these cards for truly these are not his cards. He drew the King of cups, known for the meaning as the suicide King; he slays himself for he sees that his love of his life loves another and does not wish to stand in her way. The King of hearts always put feelings of others before his. Cups being a water element, is fluid which would whether go around an object than confronted it head-on, but once it starts on an idea or a path it will continue that way wearing down everything in its way. Topher placed the card on the table. The Lady poured some tea from a silver tea kettle into a bone china cup. And passed the cup over to Topher.  He took the cup and turned it in his hand to gaze upon its delicate structure.  As he went to drink it he inhaled the rich aromatics, it was a rose and mint tea with just a hint of red hot cinnamon, it was very strong and refreshing, it brought back memories of far-off places that he had never been. She told him this was a special blend of herbs, a little different each time, so she couldn't guarantee the flavor.  The Lady in White offered him cream, and told him that what he was drinking was much better as a milk tea. Even though Topher did not like milk tea, he still followed her directions, the light cream tamed the flavors of the tea, and Topher enjoyed sipping it while they discussed the day, and where he had come from. She admitted to him that she got a very few visitors through that door, but the ones that did come, were always the most fun. When they were done talking she gathered up the tarot cards wrapped him in a red handkerchief also had patterns of cats and stars on it and offered it to Topher as a present. Saying to him “it’s always good to have something around that shows you the truth when you want to hear it and a good story when you don't”. In return for the gift he dug deep into his pocket and pulled out a copper and glass coin, really it was a copper washer engraved on the front with the saying” trust in yourself, when no one else does” and on the back was engraved a mermaid swimming around the hole, then a cat’s eye marble was placed in the hole, and the whole thing was heated up un tell the marble melted and smashed till it covered the washer completely. He placed the coin on the table. Topher then got up and walked out of the garden, he let himself out of the gate closing it behind him he walked onto the street. One of the biggest problems of walking through a mirror is you never know where you're going to end up, and you look like a complete Nutter if you walk around and asked people what city and state you happen to be in. All he knew was he was close to the ocean, he could smell the salty air. After a few feet he noticed that the cars that were facing him were parked on the right side of the street, and the signs he is coming to were facing away from him, this was a sure sign that he wasn't in the United States anymore. He walked up to the signs and look at it carefully, he was definitely not seen in the states no more, and the sign had weird and strange writing on it. He walked down the street some more, and came to a large corner were three roads met. The air he caught sight of the locals. Now he knew what he was, or at least could guess. This was Japan.  He continued to wok trying to pretend there's nothing was wrong. He went away soon and noticed something there was a sign he could almost read, only read was the wrong word for it, the sign had a picture of a train, and an arrow pointing down the street, and you say whether trains there are maps and if he was lucky one of maps might actually have will roma letters on it, then at least he could know the name of the town he was in, and confirmed that he was actually in Japan. He picking up his step until you reaches the edge of the train station. And there above the ticket machines, was the complete Japanese rail system laid out for him. In English, and Japanese. Popper was in a town known as Hase, which is a short distance to Yokosuka, which is just a little ways off of Tokyo. So if you couldn't find another way back a lease he could sneak off to the airport. As he was looking to the maps, he found one that had all the temples back trails and paths mapped out for the surrounding area. He quickly walked up to the cashier, and then realized he had no money. At least no currency of the realm per se.  An idea popped into his head he took them out and laid it out on one of the shelves, but not in his back pocket he pulled out the universal leet thing, okay was just the newest handheld game system, but it had a built-in camera. He took two quick snapshots, and now he had the whole map in the palm of his hand. He gently in nicely folded the map back up. And went to walk out of the train station. But an old woman stood in his way with a scowl that reached down to her toes, she gave Topher look up and down as if she was trying to see his soul, she mumbled and reached into her bag and pulled out a sandwich neatly wrapped in a plastic case that she just bought off the store shelf. She handed it to him and mumbled in broken English “taking and eat when you're hungry, you are a long ways from where you are going” then she moved aside and let Topher on his way. As he walked down the street he pulled out his leet tool again, looking at the picture of the map he just took he saw several shrines and temples off the road ahead of him, but there just off the road running for what looked miles with what the map called the dog trails. This looked interesting and it caught his eye so he decided to investigate. To get on to the dog trails you follow the main road up until it went into a tunnel, at that point you had a good old staircase that led up the side of the mountain. The staircase looked older than his hometown. Old stones steps led up the side of the mountain, here and there they were replaced with cinder blocks, old bricks, and in some places nothing at all just a muddy path. As he reached the top he saw a sign, that was quite easily interpreted, as saying the steps were condemned in you could not continue. But off to the right a path still led up the hillside. As he reached the top of the hill on the new path it ran between two old trees. Fellow pulled out the leet tool and took a photograph of the path, just to have a record of his trip. As he waited for the hourglass to stop spinning, so he could take another picture on top of the hillside at the city below. The hex filter program began to go off. This is a special program he downloaded; it analyzes photographs you take for strange distortions. Half the time it just tells you that you wiggle the camera while taking a picture so the images are blurry. But the other half is why you installed it, and that is the main purpose of the hex filter, it seeks out strange phenomena in the photograph, such as a will-o'-the-wisp, strange shadows and ghostly figures in the picture. I was Topher compared the picture he just took to what was in front of him, he noticed between the trees was a weird lends, it was like everything between the trees was just a little distorted as if you're looking at it with someone else's glasses on. Topher then ran the photograph through the second level of the hex filter; this one looked for symbols and faces. As he was standing there watching hourglass spin once again. A man passed by him wearing a nice suit and tie carrying a briefcase. He watched the man descend the mountain down to the street. When he looked back at his leet tool the photograph had highlights all over it. There were symbols in the bark of the tree, carved into the stone steps, and even some in the spiderwebs hanging from the branches.  Topher put away his leet tool, and started to examine the symbols, but they were beyond his skill and knowledge and very old. He took a deep breath and thought to himself this path has been used for years so why not take a nice stroll. As soon as he walked between the trees he could feel it, the city noises faded away and it was like he was in the middle of the woods. The grass and trees grew so thick and heavy you could not see through them to the city just on the other side of them, the canopy of the trees nearly blocked out all the sunlight except for a few rogue sunbeams that seem to break through here and there. Fellow began to walk down the path then again as if he was the only one in the whole area. But as he walked every once in a while a man would run by the doing her afternoon exercises, a group of schoolgirls would come strolling by the other direction. It seemed these people would just appear to prove he wasn't the only one to just disappear around the next corner leaving him by himself. as He walked along the path. He saw signs made out of wood stuck into the ground or on trees that pointed off to different paths that disappeared down the hill, but you came across one sign that the exit could read it read in large bold letters Café and it pointed off to his left. He walked to the edge of the trail and looked down the path to the café. The path itself transforms, going from nothing but a dirt trail to cinder blocks to bricks and then finally to intricately painted tiles all within 100 feet. It led to the back of a small apartment building which contains maybe four or five apartments. As he approached the apartments, notice the path led up to the podium which was set right outside the back door of a small apartment, attached to the podium was a chalkboard, with the names of different drinks written upon it in English and Japanese. On top of the podium he noticed a small sign Universal in almost every country you would go to, it showed that the acts he took credit cards. Which really didn't help out Topher that much, he was never too big into caring debit or credit cards, they tend to lead to people overspending, he liked to carry his money in his pocket, when his pocket was empty as the spending for the day. And back home he kept an old cigar box with his monthly allowance inside, so when he too was empty, you'd be done spending for that month. Topher decided it would be best to sneak past the podium and find a seat where he could eat the sandwich he received earlier. The seating for the café, or a bunch of balconies and terraces which took up more space in the apartment building did. As Topher tried to sneak to a lower tariffs he spotted a small chalkboard just inside the door of the apartment which happened to be the kitchen for the café, on it was written the exchange rates of currency from different areas such as Korea, Australia, the UE, and America, to the Japanese yen. A young man spotted Topher and greeted him in English. Topher quickly searched his pockets and with a little quick math figured he had enough for what was called a coffee milk, he never really liked much milk in his coffee, it always seem to make the coffee and the milk seem watery, but he ordered one anyways and gave the man five bucks. The man told to take a seat anywhere he liked that he would bring out shortly. Topher walk around the balcony till he found a nice small table with them and brought them promptly sat himself down, in the center of the table was a small yellow sign which appeared to have a computer sitting in a cloud on it, when the man who brought Topher his coffee milk, Topher asked about it, and the men explain that the café had a wireless Internet cloud and he could hook up any wireless device for free. After the man left a container which red coffee milk on the side, he walked back inside leaving Topher alone. Topher pulled out his leet tool. It had its search for a wireless signal, three signals popped up all with similar names for the café, all above 98% connection. So he connected up and it opened up K friends on his browser, K. friends is a program that links all your personal networking pages such as Facebook, twitter and others to one page so you can see what all your friends are doing. Topher quickly looked through his contacts to see if any of them live in Japan. The hourglass on the leet tool kept spinning on and on. Finally a name popped up, “Kumo Supaida” or Spider to his friends, spider really wasn't Topher's friend he was more of a friend of a friend, but spider and Topher spent a lot of time commenting on each other's page, so it wouldn't be of the blue to try to contact him.  Topher brought up the skype command and called spider, Topher explaining to spider where he was and how he was somewhat stuck in Japan without any money, or a good plan on how to get back, spider fell silent for a little bit, he came back on the line with a plan and told Topher he would e-mail it to him in a little bit. So now all Topher how to do was sit and wait, he pulled out of some much from earlier and gave it a good look over, the container actually held two halves of different sandwiches, one was an egg salad and the other was a ham and cheese. He quickly ate sandwiches and then turned his attention to the coffee milk, it looked like a carton of milk you would have received at a school lunch. But the flavor was like someone had brewed coffee but instead of water they used milk. Topher consumed the whole carton in but only three swallows. The leet tool let out a triumphant buzz informing fellow that he had received mail, when he opened it, all that read was “open attached files” but upon opening the file it was filled with detailed maps giving step-by-step structure this with pictures and illustrations on how to get from the café down the dog trail tool small temple a little over 4 km away.  Topher hopped up and began to go back down the dog trails, after 25 minutes of  good walking the instructions he received told him to bear off the path and head-on into a trail that seemed to have been forgotten to the ages, it went uphill enough that little steps were carved into the earth, and spiderwebs clinging to the branches of the nearby trees, Topher was very careful not to break the webbing as he passed by them, but the father up the hill he went the more spiderwebs there were. Soon the threads of the webs look as if they were fishing line, and were so strong that the actually pulled the bamboo to gather just over Topher's head, this made a tunnel about 6 feet high and 4 feet wide that had the feeling as if you're walking into a man size spider layer. And a little poem began to run in the back of Topher’s mind.

 Will you walk into my parlor?" said the Spider to the Fly, 
'Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you did spy; 
The way into my parlor is up a winding stair, 
And I've a many wonderful teas to drink when you are there." 
Oh no, no," said the little Fly, "to ask me is in vain, 
For who goes up your winding stair can ne'er come down again." 

Just when the hair began to stand up on his neck, the foliage thins out, then there was a steep incline before him. It was so steep in fact that somebody had tied a rope around a tree trunk and ran it down the hillside in such a way it reminded him of the time he repelled down a cliff face. Topher quickly looked at the instructions you received, going through them step by step, he came to the part of the instructions that he was at right now, they read “after walking through the spider's nest grab on to the rope walk backwards down the hill be careful and do not fall.” Topper repeated the last part of the sentence to himself aloud “and do not fall” now that made him feel slightly less than safe, but he came this far so what's a little bit more trouble. Grabbing on to the rope with both hands declined backwards 15 to 20 feet down the hillside. Once you reach the bottom you follow the path into a clearing. Before him was a small temple built in the old standard, the ground she was very mock ad marshy, so the building was put on stilts, with a little balcony running around the building. It sat in the very center of the clearing. The clearing itself was founded on three sides with forest covered hill, like the one he just came down. And on the far opposite side of where the Topher stood was a stone wall with a very small wooden gate which sealed the clearing off from what was ever on the other side of the wall. On the balcony stood a man who must've been in his mid-20s who was waving to Topher. Topher sloshed his way over to the steps up to the building, and grated spider. Spider looked at Topher that saying a word he walks around him three times mumbling to himself. Finally spider spoke”let me guess you don't have a passport either, you should always carry a passport you never know when you can end up on the short little walks”. “Okay I think I can help you” spider said with a thoughtful look on his face “with your little problem here. But first you need to change her clothes”  and with saying that spider handed Topher a package wrapped in newspapers tied up with twine, inside was looked to be a set of pajamas with a jacket that had oversized sleeves on it. Spider explained that this was a proper kimono.  spider help topher to properly wear the kimono, it had lots of little tie straps here and there so you could snug up the fit, and a belt that wrap around your middle three times, which had to be folded in a special way, so it formed pockets.  Then walk up to the front of the shrine, inside was a large golden Buddha sitting with her legs crossed, and in one hand she held some water lilies, the other hand was held up over her heart in what looked to be the okay symbol. Spider explained that hand sign was the “Vitarka Mudra” it is a symbol used for Teaching, Giving Instruction, Reason. The hand is held closer to the chest . The palm is facing outward. A circle is made with the index finger and the thumb. The other three fingers point upward. Which usually made with the right hand, but later on the gesture is often portrayed with both hands. Spider gestured to Topher to sit down next to a small table that contained to small cups and a teapot. Spider sat down across from Topher, and poured some green powder into one of the cups, and he poured water from the teapot into the cup and stir it with a little bamboo whisk, then he repeated the method once again in the other cup. He picked up the cup turned it three times and passed it to Topher. Upon receiving the cup he turned it three times took a sip and set it down before him. Spider then looked up and said”now that is out of the way would start working on your problem” spider asked Topher if he knew how he acts came to be here. Topher replied “why steps into a mirror.” Yes yes but do you know why that mirror was a portal here” spider pressed on not giving Topher the chance to reply “it's all about the in-between places” spider went on to describe this theory. There are places that are not here and not there, such as a doorway, you're not outside but at the same time you're not inside. These are called the “in between spaces” and they work on the idea that when something is built correctly, it it channels energy around it and threw it which actually being in space and weekends reality. To give you an example when you open the door you have two different temperatures, the outside air and the insider which meet and compete in this spot, you also have different air movement, trying to push past each other, in the doorway itself forms a circle of energy, the weight the roof pushing down upon it then in which is then transferred to the columns on the side of the doorway down into the floor, the walls pushing in on the columns which are transferred to the header and the floor. All these energies come together to make it a point special. But this happens with Windows, archways, gateways. But this feature is also found under bridges, or water is also a path to the other realms, so putting to archways over the rule of the water makes an even more powerful portal, that's why you always hear stories of trolls and ogres living underneath bridges. But you can find more of these in between spaces. Around the house, long narrow hallways are nothing but an extended doorway that runs through your house leading from one room to another, that's why you often times by specters roaming the halls, another strong in between space is in close staircases, they're not only a hallway, but they run in between the upstairs and downstairs, and every step is almost its own in between space, again you find a lot of ghosts that haunt staircases, putting him between space most people don't think about, our closets, not those grandiose walk-in closets, but the small closets that are tucked in here and there, especially if they have a door on the front. You know that monster that lived in your closet. Another oddball in between space are frames, when you mount something in a frame, they're just hanging there trapped in between everything. So if you're all modern you probably have a frame around your door which makes it even more potent in between space. So let me guess, that mirror you walk into, it had a nice heavy frame, mounted in the short hallway, in between two dressing rooms. Yes? Topher could say nothing because spider was correct.