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Families on the street!

Where else to sleep?  Vancouver's homeless need affordable housing.

The recommendation by City staff to allow a US company to put in a fitness center and spa in Storyeum was heard by Vancouver City Council on January 31, 2008.  Council only agreed to enter negotiations with Eco Fitness to rent 1/3 of Storyeum to it. It is not too late for citizens to express opposition.  The street homeless can still be sheltered in Storyeum. The fitness center/spa proposal projected a $750,000 profit as rent to the City in their first year.  This pales in comparison to the $52,000,000 per year it costs not to provide shelters.  In 2001 the BC government estimated that it costs $40,000 per year to keep one person on the street. During a 6-month period 30,000 homeless persons were turned away from City shelters (Nov 2004 to Apr 2005).  It would make economical sense to use Storyeum as a homeless centre and shelter to defray some of these costs.  And, it is a must thing to do for our most precious resource (people).  Please sign the epetition. 

 In 1993 funding was cut to Federal Government's affordable housing  programs.  Perhaps a generation from now will see real change if we act now.   We must stop the shameful practice of forcing people to sleep on the streets.  Please sign either the online petition or contact Audrey at   for more information or to make a comment.  Your comment/s will be expressed to the Mayor and Council at their weekly meeting. 

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