Road Trip Information

Storm Rugby

Expectations and Information for Team Road Trips


Purpose of our Road Trips
- To bond as a team and spend time together. Players will stay as a group the entire weekend and will not be permitted to leave the team to go out with their families. We have activities planned for the entire weekend and need all of the players together in order to achieve our goals
- To play the highest caliber teams from around the country. We always ask tournament directors to pair us with the best and most physical teams. These games will be much faster, rougher and more intense than the games in our conference. Not all players are ready for this level of competition and although all players are welcome to come on the road trips, we cannot guarantee playing time. We assess the player’s ability and make a decision based on the level of competition and safety.



- The team will book hotel rooms for players and coaches

- All players MUST stay in a team room with the other players

- Coaches will make room assignments

- Rooms will be straightened up by the players before we check out

- Parents may stay at the same hotel as the team or make other arrangements


- All players must ride with a parent or coach

- Parents traveling with players are expected to follow all traffic laws

- Parents should ensure their vehicle is safe and they are well rested to
make the drive
- Players riding with another parent should bring $20 for gas
- Parents will be responsible for providing transportation for all of the
players who rode with them for the entire weekend

- A fee will be charged for each road trip

- The fee will cover tournament entrance fee, hotel and food at the destination. Food while traveling to and from the destination will be paid by the individual

- Players should have $20-$30 pocket money

Conduct for Parents

- Drugs, alcohol and profanity are strictly forbidden on Storm Rugby trips

- Adults who smoke are asked to smoke away from the players

- Parents are asked to maintain their calm on the sidelines and not
engage in any unpleasant verbal exchanges with other teams or parents
- Please do not criticize or yell at the referees, they are volunteers who are giving their time to your kids and the sport of rugby
- If there is a problem or an issue with another team, player, coach or official; tell one of the Storm coaches and we will address it
Conduct for Players

- Players will be on their best behavior during the trips

- Players will be on time and ready to go as directed by coaches

- Players will look out for each other and work as a team both on and off the field


Prohibited Items

- Drugs (except prescriptions), alcohol, tobacco, energy drinks, supplements

- R rated movies/video games

- Music with overly offensive language/lyrics

Weapons of any kind

- Drama!



- In 10 years of making team road trips we have never had a serious incident, don't be the first!
- Any player who commits what the coaches determine to be a serious
offense on a road trip will be immediately dismissed from the team and their parents will be required to come to the event and pick them up