The Last Glories of Versailles 

Noble or Not

1787, Joliette

As I crossed the Royal Courtyard a wave of heat, like that from an oven, warmed my back. I turned to

see the morning sunlight reflecting off the golden gate with a shine so brilliant, it burned my face and

hurt my eyes. As we drove away I watched the rays light up the gilded shutters and roof ornaments

until the entire palace shimmered like the King’s crown.




 Not Our Blood

Hundreds of children went missing in the years leading up to the French Revolution—rumor was the kids were shipped to populate American colonies—what if one of those children was yours?

My Sons Will Eat Today
Revolutionaries have stormed the Bastille. On October 5, 1789, more than 6,000 women walked all day in pouring rain to Versailles to bring the King back to Paris. Many of these women joined unwillingly. One widowed mother who is torn from her family and forced to march will do everything to feed her starving sons, but will she join in the fight to build a new France?