This website is purely for fun.  It is meant to be a collection of stories, of writings, of musings, and possibly even of poetry.  It may or may not become fancy as I learn more, but feel free to poke around and read whatever happens to be here. 

If you have ideas for stories, or feedback on what you read here, or comments for me in general, please enter them below.  I will read them!

I would like to ask for some respect, here.  On one hand, I am still learning and maturing as a writer, and I ask you to take that into account in any feedback you may like to give me.  As Jewel says, "I'm sensitive and I'd like to stay that way."  I think it was Jewel.  Don't quote me!  On the other hand, if you truly like what you read and have a desire to use it elsewhere, please make a request.  I will consider all requests.

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