- written by Bob Harrison

One sunny morning in seventy two
At the Flying Club Hangar there were quite a few
Students, Instructors, Mechanics all
Could not have imagined, what was due to befall

Bob, Don, Dick Albert and Jack
Were having their coffee out at the back
Said Bob to his crew, the One Fifty’s Two’s due
For its one hundred hour inspection.

Now Albert he doth volunteer
This aircraft I will bring it here
I will go pull it around
Drag it here all safe and sound

So Albert with towbar in hand
Goes to where the aircraft stand
There quite a sight and ready for flight
Is the beautiful One Fifty Two

So Albert there, he’s all alone
He is in his comfort zone
The door is open Albert found
I think I’ll taxi it around

So in the pilot’s seat he sinks
And there he sits and thinks and thinks
No lessons he, no dual time
I’ll start the engine do just fine

The key is in the starting switch
And now our Albert gets the itch
He turns the key, just one click
Nothing happens not one flick

So throttle forward to the wall
Albert’s set up for a fall
The key it turns just one more click
And Albert pulls back on the stick

Give the key just one more twist
Our Albert feels it  like a fist
The Prop it turns, and with a roar
The little engine goes full bore

The plane is moving, starts to go
All Albert thinks is whoa plane whoa
Now he’s there with eyes like saucers
Pulls back the stick with all his forces

Up, up the plane it is arising
Albert moans, This is surprising
He’s in the air, It is no ball
Ten, Twenty, Fifty feet in all

All is not lost as you will find
The Gods above are sometimes kind
For the rules of flight are now in place
To decide the fate of this budding ace

With throttle open, Stick full back
We have bad angle of attack
So without, Control and Rudder
They have Salvation for this stupid bugger

No aircraft is a stable thing
No airspeed Angle Chord or Wing
So now the aircraft does a stall
And our poor Albert, he doth fall

With engine roaring at full fast
It hits the ground at quite a blast
With dust and dirt and sh*t a flying
All Albert thinks about is dying

Crushed and twisted all a dent
This aircraft’s time on earth is spent
But Lo Big Luck is on his side
For only the poor aircraft died

The Rescue Crew they saw the crash
And to poor Albert’s aid they dash
Firemen, First Aid, Pilot’s all
For they had seen poor Albert fall

With hair adrift and eyes quite round
Out Albert staggers falls to the ground
Then he rises only dazed
The crowd around are most amazed

So here’s the moral to my story
All in all, five seconds passed
For Albert to attain this blast
So pilots leave not key in Plane