Lorcan Flynn - Introduction



I come from a family of traditional Irish storytellers. The stories I heard from parents, aunts, uncles and family friends had been learned from their own parents in a line stretching back thousands of years.

My stories are told in easy English or if you prefer auf Deutsch. However, beginners in English will understand and native speakers will enjoy themselves too. Contact me to arrange a relaxing and enjoyable evening.


By the way, if you have heard my stories before and enjoyed them, come along with your friends. If you didn’t enjoy them, send your enemies. :-)

If you live in NRW I am happy to tell stories at your event: 

CDs available €10

. "Meine Geschichten sind alle wahr. Aber einige sind wahrer als andere." Welchen Stories Glauben geschenkt wird, überlässt Lorcan Flynn seinem aufmerksamen Publikum. Der Ire mit Traditionssinn und Phantasie gab eine Kostprobe seiner Erzählungen vor dem Deutsch-Britischen Club Holzwickede.

Contact:  Lorcan.Flynn@gmail.com

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