Co-op puzzle game prototype


Re-spawn: R
Player 1: WASD
Player 2: Arrow Keys

Advance trough a series of puzzles by working together. Flags are checkpoints, press R to re-spawn at the last checkpoint.
This is only a prototype there are still some bugs and usability issues, yet it is possible to get to the finish of the game, but it will get tough ;)

Mattias Van Camp - Textures
Bert Van Eeckhout - Models, Animations, Puzzles
Jasper Kort - Scripting, Effects, Puzzles
Hannes Devillé - Programming, Concept, Puzzles

Storey is a school assignment for Digital Arts and Entertainment at Howest, Belgium.
Sound effects from
Song from "La cité des enfants perdus OST" - Angelo Badalamenti