Which cleaning products kill stomach flu viruses (norovirus and Ebola)?

Answer: Chlorine bleach, Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaners,  Lysol® disinfectant spray, and a few others. If you are desperate, you can overnight these items from Amazon. Testing has never been done for Ebola.

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Very few labs are allowed to work with Ebola and Ebola is not available for efficacy testing in the US. The CDC recommends using products that claim to kill other non-enveloped viruses (like the difficult to kill norovirus). So, here are the products available that claim to kill norovirus.

Regular Clorox® and Lysol® wip
es from the grocery store DO NOT CLAIM TO KILL NOROVIRUS!!!!!

Norovirus is extremely hard to kill because it has adapted to survive in the acidic environment of the stomach. The Clorox company has a new line of Clorox Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide products (spray and wipes) that have been tested and DO kill norovirus. The products claim to have no harsh chemicals or fumes.  I use the wipes and spray. They are very good at cleaning and only have a mild odor. In March 2013, I cleaned my son's orange vomit off of the carpet and wooden bedside table with the wipes and spray. It did a great job and didn't do any damage to the carpet or wood! I don't clean my house with these wipes every day since they are expensive. I save them for "special" occasions. The wipes are perfect to take with you to wipe off the grocery cart, restaurant table, or airplane seat area. They do not ruin clothing like bleach does.  (If you are going to wipe off your seat belt on the airplane it would be much better to use these wipes than bleach wipes so you don't bleach your clothes.) The wipes kill norovirus in 3 minutes and rotavirus in 1 minute. The spray kills norovirus in 1 minute and rotavirus in 1 minute. (Both are great considering Lysol Disinfectant spray takes 10 minutes to kill norovirus.) I suggest everyone send a can of these wipes to their school nurse so she can wipe down her room after sick kids are there. I sent a can to my kid's school nurses. They are not available in any stores. However, the wipes are available on amazon. There are several companies that sell the wipes and I have ordered from several different companies. Unfortunately, the wipes usually arrive partially dried out with the lid popped off UNLESS I order from the company called Lemon Tree who sells them on amazon. Lemon Tree tapes the lids onto the cans so they don't pop off during shipping. If you get a can with the lid off, you should return it. If the wipes have lost some of their moisture, they might not be potent enough to kill norovirus. So, if you aren't in a hurry for the wipes, feel free to shop around and find the cheapest place. However, if you need them now and don't want to have to return them, I'd order them from Lemon Tree on amazon. 

As much as I love to use regular liquid hydrogen peroxide (3%) from the grocery store for my daily cleaning, it is most likely not effective at killing norovirus as this article demonstrates. It is inexpensive and does a fantastic job killing bacteria in my experiments which you can see here. So, I do use it when no one is sick in my house. However, I keep the Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide products on hand for when someone is sick. 

Clorox® Broad Spectrum Quaternary Disinfectant Cleaner kills norovirus in 30 seconds and rotavirus in 3 minutes. I have not tried this one but it is on my list to try. 

Oxivir TB Disinfectant Wipes made by the company Diversey also kill norovirus in 1 minute. These wipes are also based on hydrogen peroxide. I have some of these wipes. They are very nice, sturdy wipes. They seem to be a little sturdier and have a little more of a "scouring" texture than the Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide wipes. They have a mild odor that is exactly the same as the Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide wipes. They don't contain bleach and do not ruin clothing. I really, really like these wipes. So, if you want some cleaning products to keep around for emergencies, restaurants, airplanes, etc., you can't go wrong with either the Oxivir TB or the Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide wipes.

Household bleach is great at killing norovirus and other gastroenteritis viruses AS LONG AS IT IS A NEW BOTTLE. Don't use a bottle that has been opened more than 1 month. I don't use bleach very often because of the strong fumes and all the clothes that I have ruined by accidentally rubbing up on something that I recently bleached. I prefer the hydrogen peroxide products. The CDC recommends using a minimum 2% solution of household bleach in water to kill norovirus1. I usually use a 10% solution made of 0.5 cups bleach with 4.5 cups water because research has shown that 10% is more effective at a 1 minute contact time. (Household bleach only contains 6% sodium hypochlorite which is the active "bleach" ingredient. The rest is water. So, a 2% solution of household bleach in water is actually only .12% sodium hypochlorite. A 10% solution of household bleach in is water actually only .6% sodium hypochlorite.) Clorox Clean-Up with Bleach is also a good option except that the fumes are horrible. Although, it does not say it kills norovirus on the label, it contains more than the CDC recommended amount of sodium hypochlorite (bleach) so it should do the job. It contains 1.84% sodium hypochlorite. Any cleaning product with more than .12% sodium hypochlorite contains enough bleach to kill norovirus according the CDC guidelines. Cleaning with bleach creates very strong fumes.  You can even buy Clorox Bleach Germicidal Wipes  on amazon that kill norovirus. Remember that you can’t use bleach on your nice wood floor, or carpet, and it can discolor and eat holes in fabric. Wear rubber gloves and protective eye ware so you don’t get it in your eyes. Do not use chlorine bleach to clean your hands. Also, chlorine bleach usually can’t be used at the same time as other cleaning chemicals because a poisonous gas can be produced. So, use bleach by itself.  I have also contacted the Clorox company about how long an open container of bleach can be stores and this is what they said. " We recommend replacing the bleach every 3 months. After one year, the bleach will be 70-80% of the label strength. Store at temperatures of 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Sodium hypochlorite bleach degrades rapidly at temperatures above 70 degrees F. The product will freeze at 15 degrees Farenheit; becomes slushy at 23 degrees Farenheit. Product is no longer effective after being frozen and should be discarded." It is fine to use bleach in laundry loads with hot water, though. That actually helps improve the performance of bleach. Storing it at high temperatures is bad for it, though.

Latex and nitrile gloves usually cost about $9.95 for a box of 100 at the grocery store. It is a little less expensive to order them on amazon.

According to its label, Lysol Disinfectant Spray also kills norovirus and rotavirus. However, Lysol® wipes and Chlorox® wipes do not kill them (I e-mailed the companies and asked). There are even tiny travel sized Lysol Disinfectant Sprays. I used to be a huge fan of Lysol disinfectant spray. However, I have tested its bacteria killing ability and it is NOT impressive. So, even though they say it kills norovirus, it probably only works on an already very clean surface where there are only a few germs and you leave it sit wet for 10 full minutes. You can see my test results here

 A website viewer recently told me about Monk Disinfectant Wipes which claim to kill norovirus. I asked and they were inspired by the TV show "Monk". I really liked that show. 

Spray Nine Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Disinfectant is another product that claims to kill norovirus. It is inexpensive but I have not tried this one. 

PureGreen24 is an all-natural non-toxic disinfectant that claims to kill norovirus. Here is a photo of the bottle label. 


I don't want anyone to go nuts and clean their entire house with chlorine bleach every day. Lysol® wipes, Clorox® wipes, and Seventh Generation cleaning products are fine to use for routine cleaning. I have done my own experiments which showed that regular 3% hydrogen peroxide does a great job killing bacteria. I personally do my daily cleaning of countertops, sinks, and toilets with regular 3% hydrogen peroxide. However, I suggest keeping the Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide wipes or spray,  bleach, and Lysol Disinfectant Spray on hand in case someone comes down with norovirus. Also, please remember that the one of the best cleaning products is time. Give the viruses a chance to die on their own. Don't have company, especially children, until your family has been well for 2-3 weeks after the stomach flu.

Please remember that I am not a medical doctor and this is not to be taken as medical advice.

If you would like to recommend another product, please e-mail and tell me about it (phd.annie at gmail.com). 

--Annie Pryor, Ph.D.



I use PureGreen24: all-natural, non-toxic disinfectant that kills norovirus. I use it on everything. Kind of expensive, but well-worth it, I say. I use a lot more during the winter, as you might imagine. Has somewhat of a residual 24-hour disinfectant nature. Google it and you'll find the website, where you can order it and read about it.


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