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OctoMom’s old home goes on the auction block

OctoMom’s old home goes on the auction block

Times are tight for everyone. Given that Octomom is otherwise a pillar of responsibility, should we really castigate her for abandoning her old home to the auction block, only to take up in a bigger, nicer, more expensive house? Hell to the yeah we should. When Nadya Suleman popped out another 8 kids this past winter, she didn’t exactly have any long-term “how the hell I play to pay for my baker’s dozen plus one” plan. She just kept talking about how she knew something would work out and the Lord would come to her rescue. Fortunately – or unfortunately, depending on your view – things worked out for Nadya, and somehow she managed to move in to a much bigger, nicer house. Outrageous appearance fees can help out like that.

So what happened to her home – the one that her mom owned (but let Nadya and her then 6 kids live in), that was going into foreclosure? Well Nadya’s letting it get auctioned off – sure to ruin whatever’s left of her mom’s credit rating.

OctoMom’s new home: $564,900.00
OctoGrandma’s house debt: $534,289.54
OctoMom letting OctoGrandma’s house be auctioned off today: Not priceless.

We’re guessing it was just easier to buy a new house than it was to dig the old house out of the hole, because OctoGrandma’s home — the one OctoMom Nadya Suleman lived in for years — is being sold this morning to the highest bidder.

Angela Suleman’s home goes up for bidding at 11:30 AM — and the auction will be held on the steps of the Pomona Superior Courts building in, well, Pomona, Cal.

We hear OctoMom’s futon is nice this time of year.

[From TMZ]

I feel badly for Nadya’s mom. And her dad as well. But while her dad seems to be unconditionally supportive – though here and there he has acknowledged that she’s some sort of crazy – Angela Suleman has basically been dragged along kicking and screaming since Nadya got pregnant with the Octuplets. She tried her best to pull out all financial and care giving support, but eventually Nadya somehow managed to manipulate the situation and get her mom to keep on doing what she’s always done: take care of Nadya’s kids. So Nadya can go get pregnant with more of them. I wonder where in the world she’s supposed to live? I suppose she could move in with Nadya, 14 kids, and all the nannies. But that would obviously just turn into a 24 hour free nanny service – though I’m guessing that’s already what she does, so what has she got to lose?

Pictures are from an interview Radar did inside Nadya’s old home in February.