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Mean girls.Female bullies.Social exclusion.Psychological bullying. Emotional bullying. All of these terms are what make up the new term Relational Aggression (RA). RA can include gossip, lies, rumors, threats, exclusion, taunting. Relational Aggression can do long-lasting harm to the victims. Effects can include anxiety, eating disorders, sleeplessnes, and falling grades.

If your daughter is the victim of RA, or your school, church, or other organization is having problems with RA, you've come to the right place! You will not only learn what RA is, the effects of RA, but also what to do about Relational Aggression!

This website will be evolving, so be sure to bookmark it and check back frequently. Soon, there will be info for the person who is a victim, what bystanders can do, and for the person who is a bully. This is not a touchy feely, wishy washy site that tap dances around the problem. It will be hard hitting. It will not be politically correct. Been there, done that.

Too often, parents of bullied kids have to jump through hoop after hoop. They are told they are a part of the problem if they don't speak up for their child. Parents may be hoping that things get better. But when the situation does not get better and parents speak up, what often happens? They are told that they are whiners, complainers, and troublemakers.

Doing nothing is worse than doing something. Be a whiner, a complainer, and a troublemaker! That means that you are doing something, you are speaking up and speaking out. If you are the parent of a bullied child, do not let yourself be bullied into silence!

If your school, place of worship, or other organization needs help dealing with Relational Aggression issues, I've written a 27 page guide and 6 hand outs that will help:

Relational Aggression: What it is, And What Parents, Schools, and Other Organizations Can Do About It is available via email in Word Documents to save on printing and shipping charges. The 27 page guide is just $15. When you order, you will also receive 6 FREE handouts that you can print off for staff and parents!Read more or PURCHASE THE GUIDE

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When you order, you will also receive 6 FREE handouts that you can print off for staff and parents! Read more or PURCHASE THE GUIDE