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Relational Aggression: What it is, And What Parents, Schools, and Other Organizations Can Do About It is available via email in Word Documents to save on printing and shipping charges.

Relational Aggression (RA) is the systematic abuse of another by a person or a group of persons. RA is usually perpetrated by girls on another girl, usually singling out a target. She/they exclude, ridicule, and humiliate the target. They gossip and lie about her, eating away at her self-esteem. 

I have put together a guide for parents, schools, places of worship, Y's, Girls Scouts, and other organizations. This information is practical, based on common sense, and can be put in place immediately.

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Please click here to read a few Excerpts from the guide

Contents of the guide:

Part One

• What is Relational Aggression (RA)?

Includes tactics used.

Part Two

• The Bully…why they engage in RA

And why psychologizing the bully doesn't help the victim.

Part Three

• The Bystander…Who are bystanders, and what their part is in RA

Part Four

• The Victim… Characteristics of the victim, how she can be helped, what she can do to help herself.
• Effects of RA on victims

Part Five

• What can be done to stop relational aggression?
• What the school/organization can do
• What parents can do

Part Six
• Respect Contract

A sample contract that can be added to or amended to suit your purpose.

Part Seven
• Additional Resources

Recommended books, websites, videos

The 27 page guide is just $15. When you order, you will also receive 6 FREE handouts that you can print off for staff and parents! PURCHASE THE GUIDE

You can pay by PalPal at the above link, or, if you would prefer to order by check, email Julie at

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Your guide had more useful information than several books that I bought on the subject. Thanks!

Cindy W., teacher