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About the Guide...

Mean girls.Female bullies.Social exclusion.Psychological bullying. Emotional bullying. All of these terms are what make up the new term Relational Aggression (RA). RA can include gossip, lies, rumors, threats, exclusion, taunting. Relational Aggression can do long-lasting harm to the victims. Effects can include anxiety, eating disorders, sleeplessness, and falling grades. If your daughter is the victim of RA, or your school, church, or other organization is having problems with RA, you've come to the right place! You will not only learn what RA is, the effects of RA, but also what to do about Relational Aggression!

If you are looking for help dealing with relational aggression, you've come to the right place! I've written a 27 page Guide, plus 6 handouts. The Guide is suitable for parents, schools, and other organizations. Purchase e-guide, or read more Continued...


Girl's beating girls...

In early April 2008, six cheerleaders (with 2 male lookouts), viciously and violently attacked a friend for about 30 minutes. At one point, Victoria "Tori" Lindsay was unconscious. News reports a month later are saying that she still cannot see well out of one eye and cannot hear well in one ear.

Since the news broke, as well as news of another vicious girl fight, I've received a good number of emails from parents and teachers. I've also heard from many girls who experienced violent physical attacks. Nearly all ask me "why? and "what can we do about it?"

There are many answers to why, depending on whom you ask. But asking why almost always gives excuses to the criminals...they were victims of someone else, they came from a broken home, they'd broken up with a boyfriend, they were mad about something...and so on. Continued

        Is free speech really free?
A while back, I received an email from a young lady who attends high school. She had found this website and wanted to know "what's the big?" She went on to say that there is such a thing as free speech, and that she has a right to say what she wants to say. And if others don't like it, too bad. If she says something that hurts someone, then they're just weak and deserve it. If that isn't narcissistic thinking, I don't what is.
On the Cornell University Law School website, it says this "Freedom of expression consists of the rights to freedom of speech, press, assembly and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and the implied rights of association and belief." Some have taken that to the extreme and feel that anything they say should be okay because they have the right. Continued...


Membership Special!

Join, and also become a member of for one low price! Dr. Stein, an internationally-recognized authority on ADD/ADHD, is also a Richmond, VA, psychologist, author, and professor at Virginia State University. You can ask Dr. Dave questions regarding children and ADD/ADHD, as well as your parenting questions. Dr. Dave is the father of three, two sons and a daughter. He has written Controlling the Difficult Adolescent, Unraveling the ADD/ADHD Fiasco, and several other books. Continued...

Is bullying to blame?

Another school shooting is in the news. Fourteen-year-old Asa Coon shot two students and two teachers before committing suicide on October 10, 2007. The shooting took place in Cleveland, Ohio, at a specialty high school, Success Tech Academy.
Immediately, speculation began: Was he bullied? Did he play video games? Was he on medication for ADD/ADHD or depression?
The NEA has stated that 160,000 students miss school every day due to a fear of being bullied. That's a lot of bullied kids. Yet, school shootings are still fairly rare occurrences. If being bullied was "the cause," there would be a whole lot more shootings going on. Continued...


Parents' Guide to Bullying:

What to do

If you are the parent, grandparent, or other caregiver of a child who is bullied, or if you want to learn what to do before your child is bullied, this new guide is for you!

It covers what to do to prepare in advance, just in case. The information is handy even if your child isn't being bullied, or is never bullied. Being organized will help you be less stressed!

The guide covers how to handle matters with your child's to document, and what to document. Documentation will detail the all-important who, what, when, and where. It will be handy when you meet with school officials, and if it comes down to legal proceedings. Continued...

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Or, you are a public speaker? We've started a new public speakers page. If you would like to be listed, see details here Speakers


Sample question from Q&A

 Bullies at the bus stop

Q: My son, and several other children, are often picked on by the older kids at the bus stop. There isn't much they can do to ignore these bullies, they have to wait for the bus. Their bus picks up all grades, from K-12, as we are in a small town. Some of the older kids take the younger kids belongings and throw them in the road, or in the ditch across the street. This past Friday, one of the middle school boys was shoving my son and pushed him into the street as a car was coming. He wasn't hit, but did get a cut on his head that required stitches. I had to take the day off, and my son lost 2 days from school from the incident. We've complained to the school, but nothing happens. Do we just have to put up with this? It's terrible that our kids can't even wait for their school bus without being hurt by bullies!   Continued...


New blog! 

Check out the new blog on Relational Aggression! There's a poll, there will be new posts added during the week, polls, news, etc. You can be a part of the community by posting your comments on the blog. Visit soon! RA Blog


About Julie

Julie Clark is a Cobbs Creek, VA, freelance writer, researcher, and web manager. She has written for both on- and off line publications. Print publications include Affirmative Parenting, Traditional Parent, Suburban Parent, Irving Parent, and The Internet Newsroom. Web sites and publications include,, Dr. Andy Gill's Practical Parenting, and more. She is also author of the guide Relational Aggression: What It Is, and What Parents, Schools, and Other Organizations can do about It.

Julie assisted author John Rosemond in writing Raising a Non Violent Child, and was the web manager for Mr. Rosemond's web site. Julie now, as well as her own web sites,AskMeanMom,Bullywhys, and this web site,StopRAtoday   Continued...

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Julie recently spoke at Ware Academy in Gloucester, VA. Comments included:

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