Altair School's STOP Polluting It Website


  **Written by a fourth grade student**

    Pollution is coiling its greasy tendrils around us, tightening its grip every day. Smog-zilla storms through Asian countries, forcing citizens to carry gas masks. Water pollution is making entire species go extinct! The BPA oil spill is still creating harmful currents, even now. There is an entire island made of garbage in the middle of the Pacific ocean! And climate change is creating natural disasters on a scale never seen before. Pollution is a nasty thing, and it is making our world a harder place to live in.  But even worse is the fact that we kids will have to live with it. We can't sidestep around that fact. We need to make sure that pollution is not an ongoing problem, make sure that it isn't something we need to be afraid of. We need to make sure that when we are adults, our kids won't have to worry about the world being uninhabitable.
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