Eastern Mt Lofty Ranges Landscape Guardians Inc

The Eastern Mt Lofty Ranges Landscape Guardians is an organisation of residents and landholders whose aim is to preserve the flora, fauna, amenity and tranquility of the Mt. Lofty Ranges near the Barossa Valley, Eden Valley, Cambrai, Sedan, Palmer, Mt Pleasant, Sanderston and surrounding areas in South Australia.

Wind power stations infest the Australian landscape like a disease.  Gullibility and unfounded optimism on both sides of federal and state politics have created a situation where producers of renewable energy are encouraged to install sprawling industrial wind turbine power stations in rural parts of the country, even though there has been no demonstrated reduction in coal consumption as a result.

The economic damage brought to the nation as a result of these misguided "investments" in a technology that fails to deliver on its promise of addressing climate change must be stopped.

Wind power has been shown to be incapable of producing sufficiently reliable power to allow a reduction in coal consumption.  Check its appalling performance on Aneroid Energy .

The federal energy legislation that encourages wind power is fatally flawed.  It includes requirements for coal generators to guarantee supply with high reliability, but places no such requirement on renewable power sources.  This does not encourage innovation, it encourages installation of lame duck wind power technology that ticks the renewable box without doing anything useful in terms of reliable power generation.  Every Australian pays for it, and meantime there is no motivation to invest in risky but useful things like trying to solve the challenges with geothermal power, for example.

If South Australia was not connected to Victoria via the national power grid, the lights would go out on calm days.  In terms of load, SA is not even 5% of the national load - the enormous base load generators that power the rest of the national grid barely notice the vagaries of the wind power intermittently dumped into the grid by SA generators.

The Eastern Mt Lofty Ranges Landscape Guardians will not see the ranges turned into a scrap yard of wind turbines, a graveyard for birds and bats, or a place where people are driven from their devalued homes.

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  • AGM 20 Oct 2016 7.30pm AGM formalities followed by a supper, please bring a plate or bottle or both!  Mt Pleasant RSL Hall, Melrose St Mt Pleasant.
    Posted 18 Oct 2016, 01:28 by EMLRLG Keyneton
  • 29 Sep 2016 meeting cancelled due to storm Folks please stay home tonight, meeting is cancelled.  Next meeting to be advised by email.  Best wishes to all.
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