Q: Are any horses or ponies free?
A: NO. ALL Horses & Ponies have a price.
Q: Can I make an offer on the price of a horse or pony?
A: NO. Kill pen owner's WILL NOT sell a horse for less than they are asking.
Q: Can I test ride a horse or pony before I buy?
A: NO. Kill pen owner's WILL NOT allow this for liability reasons.
Q: What is a kill pen?
A: A kill pen is where people who buy horses & ponies keep the horses & ponies to sell by the pound of meat to slaughterhouse's  in Canada & Mexico.
Q: If I buy a horse or pony from a kill pen, am I funding slaughter by helping the kill pen owner make money?
A: NO. The kill pen owner will make profit from the slaughterhouse, if someone does not buy the horse or pony.
Q: I want to save a horse/pony, but need help raising money to save them from the kill pen, who can help me?
A: If you cannot afford to buy a horse, DO NOT TRY TO BUY! Buying or getting a horse no matter what the price IS THE CHEAP PART OF OWNING A HORSE. Keeping the horse will cost more than any amount of money paid for them; feed, vet, hoof care, blankets, protective boots for riding, tack, room & board (if you don't have a place on your property more than 1 acre to keep the horse/pony) , a  horse trailer (in case of emergency), savings of a MINIUM of $1,500 for emergency vet care (horses can get hurt or sick, no matter how safe their home is), grooming supplies, and bedding. ALL are MUST HAVE'S before you even consider a horse/pony at any cost.
Q: Do you own the horses?
A: NO, I am just a person who cares about them enough to spend time and energy without pay to save them from slaughter.
Q: Is slaughter a more humane way to end the life of a sick, injured, starving horse or pony?
A: No, the horses and ponies are shipped to the slaughterhouse on 2 - 4 day trips without food, water, or rest. At the slaughterhouse they are treated in a way that the USA would consider animal cruelty in the 1st degree.
Q: Is this really going on in the USA?
A: Yes, this is not a joke. USA horses and ponies are shipped to slaughterhouses EVERY DAY.
Q: Do babies and pregnant mares go to slaughter?
A: Foals can have their mother ripped away from them even minutes after birth in a kill pen leaving the baby to starve. Pregnant mares are shipped to slaughter, the foal in them is cut out, and thrown in a fetus pile at the slaughterhouse.
Q: Did you get this information off the internet?
A: No, I have researched and seen what happens to kill pen horses. It is graphic, disgusting, heartbreaking, and you too can see for yourself everything and more I have described here.