A counter culture campaign that improves public well-being by sharing free resources to counter anti-social behaviours (in nations struggling with the culture of anything goes).

What is the mission of STOP ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOURS (stopASB.org)?

"To improve public well-being by discouraging anti-social behaviours (ASB) and encouraging non anti-social behaviours."

What is the charitable purpose of STOP ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOURS?

To improve public well-being (what) across the world (where) of the general public (who) by sharing free resources to discourage anti-social behaviours and encourage non anti-social behaviours (how).

What are anti-social behaviours and non anti-social behaviours?

See definitions we use. We campaign generically against all anti-social behaviours (unacceptable behaviours) as well as specifically against poor hand hygiene etc. We campaign generically in support of all non anti-social behaviours (acceptable behaviours) as well as specifically
 in support of good hand hygiene etc. We simply encourage people to discern for themselves what constitutes anti-social behaviours (unacceptable behaviours) and non anti-social behaviours (accepable behaviours).

Why are we a counter culture campaign?

We see ourselves as a counter culture campaign as we counter anti-social behaviours that are increasingly prevalent in nations struggling with the culture of anything goes.

Who is responsible for STOP ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOURS?

The founder (Tim Hall) was born (1956) and educated in the UK. After graduation the founder's career took him to Africa working on mapping projects (Botswana/Sudan) and agricultural development projects (Nigeria). In 1999 the founder migrated to New Zealand. After losing his home and lifestyle in the Christchurch earthquakes (2010/2011) the founder relocated back to the UK in 2012. The founder values the importance of the common good and making a difference for good.

See the founder's statement for the rationale behind the stopasb.org campaign.

The founder's contact details are:

Founder's name: Tim Hall
Founder's email: hiswordATgmailDOTcom

The founder is also responsible for the sister initiative CRAZY FOOT GOLF.