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Evans Lane HUD Complaint Form
We need your help to stop segregation by filing a complaint (Form 903Complaint) with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
File online using the steps below or the template to the right (easiest) or call (415) 489-6400 and leave a message with the information below.

Form Location:
Please click the following link (opens in a new window): http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/topics/housing_discrimination
Click on the box that says, "Housing Discrimination Complaint"
Copy and paste the following in the corresponding sections:

Box 1:
I am filing a HUD complaint about Segregation, discrimination, and over-saturation. We are challenging the practices of the City of San Jose in reference to the following project: Evans Lane, Transitional Housing for the C San Jose CA 95125. The Project Is 1.8 miles from another chronically homeless project called 2500 Senter Road which is using HUD funding. This Senter Road project is also the basis for HUD filings by over 400 people. My complaint will be followed by those of others.

Box 2:
We join with the people opposing a similar project at 2500 Senter Road and, like them, we will be submitting multiple complaints. Despite an admission by the City of San Jose that the area is over concentrated, on 8-16-16, by an 8-3 vote, the City Council approved this project. The email admitting the Evans Lane area is impacted was written on June 3, 2016 by Wayne Chen of the Housing department. It reads: FYI, as mentioned, I received an email from planning if about the City’s dispersion policy, due to public inquiries about Evans Lane. I will respond and cc everyone but I want to coordinate with you all first due to the sensitivity of this item and to ensure alignment of talking points. One issue is that Evans Lane is in an impacted Census tract, which the Dispersion Policy resolution discusses and which implies the importance of heightened review of an affordable housing development, though it does not preclude affordable housing in that area. Over 80% of the tract is considered low-mod (to be an impacted tract, it needs to be 50% or more). I will not bring this up but something to note and be prepared for."

The Evans Lane area is surrounded by low income and special needs housing:
1. Catalonia Apts, 2036 Evans Lane, 50 units of 3 & 4 bedroom Subsidized properties housing up to 9 people. Affordable housing property, HUD and HA Vouchers Subsidized properties.
2. Las Ventanas Apartments, 1800 Evans Ln, 236 Low Income Units
3. Garden Apartments, 1930 Almaden Rd, 151 Low Income Units
4. 1776 Apartments, 1776 Almaden Rd, 144 units subsidized 1 to 2 bedroom apts
5. Curtner Studios, 701 Curtner Ave, 179 urban studio transitional suites with 40 transitional homeless people.
6. Canoas Terrace, 420 Sands Drive, 112 low income units. Canoas Terrace Apartments was developed and operates with Federal housing financing.
7. Hilltop Manor, 790 Ironwood Dr. 148 units for low-income independent seniors.

Total of 1,020 commercial UNITS within a half mile West of Evans Lane encompassing .04% of Santa Clara Co. But these units make up 5% of the 21,000 low income housing in Santa Clara Co.

If the project goes forward it will be bordered by a low income mobile home park (Willow Glen Mobile Estates) full of minority folks and a “Wellness Center” a court ordered facility for drug and alcohol abusers.

Box 3:
First Name: City of San Jose
Last Name: County of Santa Clara
Organization: Government
Address: 200 East Santa Clara Street San Jose, CA 95113

Box 4:
Address: Evans Lane east side APNs 455-31-053 and 455-31-055.
City: San Jose
State: CA
Zip: 95125

Box 5:

When you have submitted your form, please fill out the tracking form below so we can make sure your complaint was registered.  Thank you!

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