I am an assistant professor at the Soil Geography and Landscape Group at Wageningen University. My research focuses on the fundamental mechanisms controlling how human and natural disturbances impact soil, water and landscapes. Wildland fire is an important theme in this work, and so are the effects of land use change and soil amendments such as biochar. I teach about the relationships between geology, topography, soils and land use, and I have a passion for interdisciplinary challenges and science communication to the general public.

PhD (2011)             Wageningen University (NL), Soil, water and fire sciences (‘very good’).
MSc (2006)            Wageningen University (NL), Soil science and hydrology. Cum laude
BSc (2003)             Wageningen University (NL), Soil, water, atmosphere. Cum laude
minor (2001)         Sogn og Fjordane University College (Norway), From Mountain to Fjord interdisciplinary Geology to Ecology program.

2014-present        Wageningen University (NL). Assistant Professor, Soil Geography and Landscape Group.
2011-2014              Cornell University, Ithaca (NY, USA). Postdoctoral associate, Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering (3 years)
2014                       Alterra Green World Research (NL). Research scientist, Soil Physics and Land Use Team (0.2 fte, Jan-Jul)
2011                       Wageningen University (NL). Postdoctoral associate, Land Degradation and Development Group.
2007-2011             Wageningen University (NL). PhD candidate, Land Degradation and Development Group.
2006-2007            Alterra Green World Research (NL). Junior researcher, Soil Physics and Land Use Team.
2005-2006            Wageningen University (NL). Employee public relations (part-time), teaching high school students about landscape genesis. 

International visiting scholar positions
2013-2014                Department of Soil Quality, Wageningen University, the Netherlands (3 months)
2013                     United States Geological Survey, Boulder, Colorado USA (1 week).
2007-2011             Escola Superior Agrária de Coimbra, Portugal, Department of Pure and Environmental Sciences (16 months in total).
2009-2011             University of Sydney, Australia, McCaughey Group of Hydrology and Catchment Management (7 months in total).
2004                     University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon (SK, Canada). Soil Science Group. MSc. Thesis Soil Science (6 months).
2003                     Slovak Institute of Hydrology, Liptovský Mikulas (Slovakia). MSc. Thesis Hydrogeology (2 months).

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