Cover Letter and Resume

Christopher Stubban


Dear Sir or Madam,


I am excited to share with you why I believe I am a great fit for your business. I have many valuable and applicable qualifications for a variety of business markets, and I believe I can be an important addition to your company.


I am gaining exposure to the financial world through training at Ventura Technology Development Center and I am prepared to expand my focus to address the specific needs of your organization in any way required.


My past computer work experience includes extensive use of relational databases. I have designed, programmed and maintained intricate schema, as well as the respective computer hardware and user interfaces.


My training has enabled me to think abstractly and "outside of the box". In addition, I can also present information to non-technical individuals in a clear, concise and concrete fashion using analogies and anecdotes, which help bridge the gap between the computer and the human.


My experience as a teacher has given me great appreciation for developing and following well planned procedures and processes. These skills make me an excellent candidate for a supervisory or management position, and I am capable of maintaining accountability for large groups of diverse individuals.


I am excellent at organization and multi-tasking, and have managed the behavior and activities for large classrooms of high-energy children, while accommodating for their specific learning and emotional needs.


I believe working is more than making a living. Working is an opportunity to forge relationships with clients, employers and colleagues. I would love the opportunity to go the extra mile for you and to adapt what I do to your specific needs.


Please contact me if my credentials are of interest. Thank you for accepting my resume and for considering me for employment.




Christopher Stubban







Christopher A. Stubban
Objective $15 per hour - Database and Web Developer

Automated Accounting
MS Excel, MS Word
MS Access
10 Key, 150 kpm
Keyboarding, 60 wpm
Business English
Inventory Control
Internet, Fax, Email
Purchase Orders
Business software design
Relational databases
Web Design/Programming
Windows XP/Vista/Server 2003
Linux (Ubuntu, Suse)
Cat 5e Cabling/Crimping
PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Mixed computing environments
Apache, MySQL (LAMP stack)
Business software support
Document Searching and Management
SMAW arc welding
Manual Lathe/Mill

Work Experience

Employer Job Title and Description

Daticon / EED,
Data Operator - Electronic Discovery (Litigation Support)
Processed electronic documents for integration into web-accessible environment.
Technologies used: Ubuntu Linux, Apache, MySql, Python, Bash, Awk, Sed

Hot Section Technologies,
Santa Paula
Web, Database and Network Programmer
Planned, coded and maintained internet/intranet web accessible systems for:
Inventory tracking for FAA certified jet engine repair center.
Purchase order generation to maintain inventory levels.
Work order (ticket) tracking system.

Maintained computer systems (Windows 98/Me/XP/Vista/Server 2003 and Linux - SuSE 9.3).
Installed and maintained file servers and network switches.
Integrated office printers/scanners into web intranet.
Maintained encrypted Internet access, enabling users to work and track repairs while offsite.

Technologies used:
SuSE 9.3 Linux, Smoothwall Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP, JavaScript, CSS and cron jobs.
FTP, SSH, NIS, NFS, DHCP, firewall, gateway configuration.
Konica Minolta Scanner/Fax configuration and web integration.
Remote access via VNC to Windows 98, XP and Linux computers.
PDF file generation with EZ-PDF library (in PHP).

Special software:
phpMyAdmin, cron, sFTPdrive.
WordPerfect, Acrobat Reader.
Apache Modules: mod_php, mod_python, mod_mysql

Reverse engineered low pressure alarm for metal particle filtration system.

EO Green Jr. High,
Port Hueneme
7th Grade Science Teacher (Biology)

Serial Protocols, Computer Programming, Digital Circuits
Interfaced hardware / software and wrote serial protols for traffic research.

Technologies used:
Red Hat Linux, MS-DOS (PC104), Windows 98/NT.
Designed, wire-routed, etched and soldered circuit boards.

Special hardware skills acquired:
Maximum 232cpe charge pump.
Canoga traffic loop detector.
Firebird 5000 Protocol analyzer.

Isera Group,
Santa Barbara
Database Interfacing
Technologies used:
Visual Basic

2009 Ventura Technology Development Center
Computerized Financial Accounting

2007 Semester at Sea, sponsored by University of Virginia
Latin America, Teachers at Sea

2003 Humboldt State University
Teaching Credential, Life Science

2001 University of California Santa Barbara Undergraduate Degree
B.S. in Computer Science - UCSB College of Engineering

Honors Eagle Scout
Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society
UC Regents Scholar

Searchable Skills Computer Programming, Programmer, System Administration, Installation, Systems Analyst, C/C++, VB, HTML, assembly, Java, Haskel, SQL, Ruby on Rails, Python, Bash, lex, yacc, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python), mediawiki, webErp, custom CRMs, Solaris, Mac OS, DOS (embedded), Windows 98/XP/Vista/Server 2003, Mixed Computing Environments, Manual Lathe/Mill, SMAW arc welding, Excellent with detail oriented tasks, Skilled with hand tools.