General Information

Weekly Update as of 4/26/2016:


Elections are over. Thank you to those who came and voted for next years E-board. The incumbents are as follows:
President: Matt Kesich
Vice President: Neil Dusling
Secretary: Aravinda Bhatt
Treasurer: Jenry Nieto

The chassis is fully welded! We are about ready to jig up the suspension and still need to tack body panel tabs. We'll be thermal-forming body panels soon and our gearbox is almost ready to come together. We hope to start testing in 2 weeks time. We have extended our Fabrication Meetings to every Saturday AND Sunday in order to be more flexible to members with other commitments. We have our General Body on Wednesdays at the regular time. We hope to see you there. The semester is almost over and it is crunch time. When you get the chance, stop by and we can figure out what you can do.  

Don't forget to renew your SAE Student membership
Detailed instructions on how to register and affiliate with the team can be found here

**New Members** Check out the new resources page. 
If you feel you're a bit lost on what half the stuff is, that's a good place to start. 
We're got our build list and preliminary build schedule. Come talk to a senior member to find out what you can work on. 

The best time to get some hands on experience is during our Fabrication Meeting so be sure to come by on Saturdays!

If you have any questions, drop by our office in the basement of Heavy Engineering or shoot us an E-mail. 

Important Dates:

April 30th &
May 1st:
 Fabrication Meeting - 9 AM Motorsports Office
Basement of Heavy Engineering
 April 27th:URECA Fair - SAC Ballroom B 10 AM - 3 PM
 May 15th: Deadline to register with SAE and affiliate with team
May 23rd:Team Affiliation Deadline
June 9th-12th:Competition!