Weekly Update as of 6/13/2016:


Thanks to everyone for their hardwork of car #22! We had a great time at competition. We had a few unexpected failures but we were able to manage them very well and get the car back on track as quickly as possible. We hope everyone spends some time relaxing and when that's done we can start doing some testing! Many of the senior members have graduated and the new E-board will be around all summer so send us a message and come down to the shop.   

**New Members** Check out the new resources page. 
If you feel you're a bit lost on what half the stuff is, that's a good place to start. 

The best time to get some hands on experience is during our Fabrication Meeting so be sure to come by on Saturdays!

If you have any questions, drop by our office in the basement of Heavy Engineering or shoot us an E-mail. 

Important Dates:

June 13th -  August 29th:Summer Testing

Other Information:
  • 2016 rules are posted.  Everyone who wishes to participate in the design and fabrication of the car should read them thoroughly.