General Information

Weekly Update as of 09/03/2015:
Hi Everyone,

We had a great time at the Involvement Fair! We hope to see a lot of you at our Fabrication Meeting and our General Body Meetings. If you want to show your face before then, there's almost always someone in the shop so feel free to stop by. We're planning a great fabrication meeting this Saturday and we're looking to make way with our new member event. The shop is much cleaner and we have cars just itching to be built and tested. If you have any questions, drop by our office in the basement of Heavy Engineering or shoot us an E-mail. 

Important Dates:

September 5th
: Fabrication Meeting - 9 AM Motorsports Shop: Basement of Heavy Engineering.

September 9th: General Body Meeting - 1 PM Motorsports Shop: Basement of Heavy Engineering.



   Other Information:
  • 2015 Rules are posted and everybody that wishes to participate in the design and fabrication of the car should read them thoroughly.  Read the rules HERE.
  • -We encourage every team member to reach out to friends, family, companies, and anybody who'd be interested in sponsoring the team. We have prepared a sponsorship packet and they are ready to be distributed. If you'd like some packets please email us!
  • Everybody on the team is expected to wear their uniform at all on-campus events attended, as well as at competition.  The uniform consists of black pants and the team's t-shirt.  If you do not yet have a shirt, they are on sale throughout the year at $10/shirt.  To purchase a shirt, contact our treasurer.

  • If you want to learn how to weld and/or how to use the lathe and milling machine, Mr. Henry Honigman will be available to teach on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 7AM - 3PM in the basement of Old Engineering Bldg.