Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching Teacher 
Mrs. Lynne Stader
I can be contacted best by email @
or by phone @ (978)692-2708 X2227

hat is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching is a class for students who may need extra time and/or assistance to complete and/or comprehend instruction in their core classes.  Class size is kept to small groups. Students who need help with organizing and prioritizing work and materials will receive assistance on these skills as well.  Academic Coaching class also includes periodic instruction and practice on study skills to improve overall academic success, such as time management, taking notes, study tips and test-taking strategies. Any student may be a candidate for Academic Coaching. This can be used as a short term intervention tailored to individual students needs in the these areas. Academic Coaching is scheduled in place of the foreign language FLEX program.

The Academic Coaching classroom: The Academic Coaching classroom is large and accommodates two additional support teachers-Math Interventionist Carol Litchfield and Reading Interventionist Jane Bassett. Some, though not all students, work with these valuable teachers while attending their Academic Coaching class. Others come and go as scheduled for one-on-one tutoring. Interventionists, in addition to the Academic Coach, visit classrooms stay in touch with classroom activities and teacher expectations in order to help students in Academic Coaching complete their work when extra assistance is needed.

Reinforcement: Concepts and skills that are taught in the core classes are reinforced in Academic Coaching.  For students to get the most from this class, they should come prepared with questions and materials, including an agenda book and and a plan for using their time each day.  The most successful students in this class attempt their work first and then come with specific questions as they are learning the material.

Objectives this Week: 
These objectives provide the focus of lessons and activities planned for the week in Academic Coaching.
Grade 8
    September 5- Getting the Most Out of Your Agenda Books
Grade 7-
    September 5- Using Abbreviations to Save Time When Writing in Your Agenda Book
Grade 6
    September 5-Tips for Organizing Lockers and Binders

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