Hail and welcome to the Stonewood Tomes

In the remains of the Tower Stands built to watch over the Stonewood, a small band of adventurers will be at the swirling centre of a storm of forces that will shake old Theria to its core.

The tomes and information held right here are bound to rival those in the Great Oculus Hall in Flagsmarch or the personal library of the Elven Princess herself once we get going.

Recently the Forest’s growth surges have become erratic and far more potent, so the Elves at the top of Tearhold Tower are now more vigilant as they look for meaning in the stars. Right now, the party has enthusiastically volunteered to take on a mission for the Tearhold Warden, the smoke rising in the woods to the North has an ominous feel to it…

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  • The Dream and the Ritual Relive the ratty adventures of the heroes as they battle Finger Beasts, Topiary and Lightning as they strive to rescue their fallen Wizard. Adventure 3 
    Posted 1 Aug 2014, 15:28 by Graham Hannah
  • Adventure 2 The heroes explore the lofty heights of Perch, but the Wood Elves' home is ransacked and abandoned. What is the result of the attack from the Scaled Shaman and his ...
    Posted 2 Jun 2014, 04:45 by Graham Hannah
  • Meet Erevan Check out the updated info on our resident High Elven weaver of the arcane arts, Erevan Runeweaver
    Posted 21 May 2014, 15:44 by Graham Hannah
  • Adventure Journal - Day1 Apart from Navi's wonderful look at her day, there is now a summary of the heroes foray north from Tearhold on the new Adventures page.
    Posted 20 May 2014, 16:00 by Graham Hannah
  • Stonewood Gameday 1 'Where there's smoke'Friday April 25 (Anzac Day)12pm at E&S place7 Broughton St Mortdale 2223
    Posted 17 Apr 2014, 05:24 by Graham Hannah
  • The Night Sky Check out the celestial wonders of our night skies, the heavenly bodies and constellations told of by bards across the land - details in the new section of the World Principles ...
    Posted 7 Apr 2014, 04:45 by Graham Hannah
  • Cartography The Maps page now features a brand new map of the land, both the full continent of Theria and the region of the Stonewood itself.
    Posted 6 Apr 2014, 03:35 by Graham Hannah
  • The Icons The powerful NPCs set to shape the entire Stonewood are the Icons - check out these figures from the Heroic, the Ambiguous and the Villainous. From the leader of The Whispering ...
    Posted 5 Apr 2014, 03:40 by Graham Hannah
  • Dalgar the Cleric Check out the exciting past that led Dalgar to the ways of the Cleric and eventually all the way to Tearhold Tower.
    Posted 3 Apr 2014, 04:27 by Graham Hannah
  • Kobolds and Recent Times There is a new page under The World which now features details of the most recent threat to the Tearhold Tower area. See what happened as Kobolds come close and ...
    Posted 3 Apr 2014, 03:31 by Graham Hannah
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