Dr. Colina Wong,D.C.

425 Main St. Stonewall Manitoba


Dr. Wong's Hours:

Tuesday 9:30am-6pm
Thursday 10:30am-6pm
Friday 10:30am-6pm
Saturday 9am - 12pm

Dr. Wong acquired her Bachelors’ of Science degree from the University of Manitoba and in 2011, she acquired her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis.  Dr. Wong has completed her certification to administer Acupuncture and is happy to be able to offer it as an additional service to her patients.

Dr. Wong is a great fit within the clinic as her assessment and adjusting technique are similar to what patients are used to, and center on the musculoskeletal structure and function of the body. She is hands on in her approach, and she also brings new expertise to Stonewall Chiropractic Centre, as she offers Myofacial Release, cupping and instrument assisted soft tissue therapy, all of which are new to the clinic and area. These techniques in particular will be helpful when dealing with the sports and work related injuries many encounter.

            In addition to enhancing the offerings of the clinic through her skill set, Dr. Wong will also be increasing the accessibility for many to the clinic by expanding the hours that Stonewall Chiropractic Centre will be open. She has already begun to work Saturday mornings, and together with Dr. Ryan Dumont, the goal is to expand the hours during the week for better coverage of the times when patients most need them, namely after work and on weekends.