Covid 19 update August 2020

While we have fully re-opened and are running with regular hours, we are affected in various ways, as are many, by the changes brought on by Covid 19. As a result we ask that whenever possible our patrons wear a mask when entering our premisis. The Manitoba Health Covid questionnaire will be asked at the time of booking an appointment as well as at the time of arrival.

Hours have also been affected, due to both personal and public strains created by the Covid pandemic. As a result, we will be open until 4 pm every weekday, but from Monday to Thursday we will only book from 4-6pm according to demand. Therefore, the Doctors will only remain in the office past 4 pm if there are appointments that require it. 

We hope you understand and thank you for your patience with this matter.

For information please contact: 
Stonewall Chiropractic Centre
Massage Therapists
Robert Price-Lewis at 204-404-7682
Julia Somerville at 204-290-7592
Athletic Therapist
Janique Philippe 204-299-4136

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Massage Therapists

Julia Somerville

Robert Price-Lewis

Athletic Therapist

Janique Phillipe


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