About us


We are associated with Stonetree Golf Club, a municipal golf course located at 1600 Stonetree Drive, Killeen, Texas 76543.  We hold all our tournaments and activities at Stonetree Golf Club.


We host monthly member-only tournaments from February through November, but guests/non-members may play for an additional fee in all events except the Shootout. This year the MGA will determine your handicap (A, B, C, or D) since dues no longer include access to GHIN for personal score and handicap tracking (however, anyone can continue or join GHIN by paying $25 to the Stonetree Pro Shop). The tournament schedule and formats are posted on the Event Schedule page and Special Events include the Killeen City Championship, Match Play, and the Shootout. Prizes will be paid in Pro Shop credit after paying the tournament fee to the Pro Shop then 100% of remaining fees paid out (50% 1st place, 30% second place, and 20% 3rd place after $5 is paid to the skin pot). Membership application forms are available at the SMGA bulletin board. Your completed form with the $30 membership fee can be deposited in the locked box. Tournaments will attempt to be convenient for all members this year, mixing weekends and weekdays.  Membership payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card.

We are governed by a
Board of Directors and a set of Bylaws that are posted on this site.


MGA Mission


- PROVIDE a golf tournament package that is exciting for golfers of all skill levels plus encourages participation, builds camaraderie, and promotes increased membership.

- PROMOTE the values of the game of golf.

- GIVE back to the Stonetree Golf Club to help beautify, improve, or assist in helping that we remain the best municipal course in the area.


MGA Core Values


- Appealing Tournaments
- Open Communication
- Full Participation
- Recognition of 
- Camaraderie
- Value for the Money