Price and Class Info  


Group classes are $60 a month and mainly focus on Xingyi, with other material being taught to supplement and help each student bring our their unique potential.  Each student will receive individual attention during class and the opportunity to apply their techniques against a variety of training partners.  Group classes help each student apply their art faster, and a group setting allows for a better depth of knowledge since each technique is taught and drilled as a group. 


Private lessons are $25 each, class lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours and can cover a wide variety of subjects and disciplines.  The focus will be on what each student wants to learn, but will be taught in progression of difficulty.  This option lets the student learn a personalized curriculum faster than in a group setting.  Private students are allowed to attend group classes free of charge to learn how to apply their skills against different opponents.  Private classes work well for people with time constraints, as the private schedule is flexible.