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The purpose of this site is to showcase the heritage and history of 
CARLETON COUNTY (including Ottawa) 

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In time, as this site becomes populated with pictures and data you should be able to come here to research your ancestry, genealogy, or simply learn about your heritage and the history of the area. It will address built heritage as well as local history, and supply you with information on the people that settled in Lanark County.  Even if you are not interested in the history of these areas you will probably find something of interest on this site.  The pictures on this page will change as time goes on and the site improves.

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In October of 2013 a graveside ceremony was held at the Old Burying Ground on Craig Street in Perth to commemorate veterans of the War of 1812.  This is a side shot of the Michael Harris headstone, showing the commemorative plaque bestowed on him.  After the War Michael became a Reverend; he died in Perth in the 1850s.  More on Michael Harris can be found under the Surname tab at the left.
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