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Tennessee Section Manager Notes N9DGK

posted Aug 12, 2013, 2:26 PM by Stones River
Good Afternoon to Everyone,

I hope that your summer since Field Day has been good for you and your
clubs. Many have participated in the contests this year since Field Day
and there are many more to come. Be sure to check the ARRL Contest page
for your favorite event or WA7BNM Don’t
miss out on the fun and action. 

For those who are interested, this year’s SET will be coming the
first of October. You may want to begin working on plans for your ARES
group’s part in the SET activities this year. I know it sounds like a
long way off right now but it is only about 6 weeks away. 

This year’s edition of the Huntsville Hamfest is coming up this
weekend. I am planning on being there and I know that many from the
Tennessee Section will be going as well. Thought this is not an
“official” function for Tennessee, I hope to see as many of you
there as possible to support our hobby as well as probably one of the
best and largest Hamfests in the region.

This will be a shorter than usual message out to you for now. There
will be more to come in a week or so.  A lot of action took place at
the last ARRL Board of Directors meeting in July: more on that a little
later on.

Best 73,

ARRL Tennessee Section
Section Manager: Keith E Miller Sr, N9DGK