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Spring Is Here Possible Bad Weather Season

posted Mar 19, 2013, 6:39 PM by Stones River
Are you prepared? That is a loaded question. With the unpredictable weather season approaching, now is the time to brush up on your preparedness. Do you have a family plan? What will you do when the water and electricty go off for several days from an extreme weather event. It is always a shock when you get up early and begin your day. Wash your face, WHAT, no water. Flush the john, brush those teeth. Wow I know I paid my water bill. What is going on? Simple water main repair a couple blocks down the road this time. But in a real long term event, what would you do? Is there plenty of potable water for several days if necessary? Okay now I need to check on my family members. The cell phone is dead, no power to charge the battery. The old land line phone has lost it's value with the wires downed by trees. How am I to reach them? Do I have a preplanned agreement so that I might be able to have the satisfaction of knowing if they are alright? These are things that we need to plan well before a natural disaster strikes. There are many websites out there with thought provoking information that will help us all. Get Ready It can and will happen.

Natural Disasters