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Smart Meters Coming To Your Shack 37130 Murfreesboro Tennessee 2016

posted Feb 26, 2016, 9:37 AM by Stones River   [ updated Feb 26, 2016, 10:00 AM ]
Smart Meters
What I should know about this technology. As a Ham I probably would be in the know at least somewhat about this pretty new technology. As of right now I have an Analog meter attached to my qth / shack. Its been there for the 25 years that I have been there. I have a small rf meter that has audio and leds that alert me of rf in my environment. Cell phone goes off and so does the rf meter. I was a little shocked when I turned on the microwave for that heated cup of coffee how far I had to move away before the rf meter would settle down. Okay use my remote for the garage or unlock the car door for the XYL. I see the little burps of rf radiation with this meter. Okay so what? My eyes don't see wifi or the rf radiation we are all forced to live with. So with this $10.00 device off Amazon from China has given me a pair of eyes and ears in the radio frequency world. Thus my studies have begun. Radio Frequency and how it affects my health. I have always known that cell phones were of great potential to hurt my body. My first cell phone big old brick caused a lymph node on the left side by my ear to be sore and swollen. That was my first clue. Many years later there is some permanent damage there. At least now I hold my cell phone(even with the newer better technology) away from my head several inches. What about my Ham station that sits on the other side of the wall from a Smart Meter? Or lets say my bedroom is only inches away from the meter base. Many people have complained of interrupted sleeping habits in a scenario like this. Is it dangerous or not? Well all I know is that the moment they install a Smart Meter on my home I no longer have control over my RF environment.

Do you want two transmitters attached to your house that you cannot control? The way I understand it is the new smart meter MTEMC is going to force on customers in Rutherford contain a 900MHz and a 2.5GHz transmitter in each meter. the 900 is to connect with other area meters and the base and the 2.5GHz is for connecting with smart appliances in your home.
I checked a new installed meter in Rutherford count last week and it was transmitting every 30 seconds. that is 2880 times per day. Add a couple hundred meters in a small subdivision and well you see where one might have concern. Ive been looking into this for awhile and there are many links that were useful in finding out the facts about the Smart Meters. We as licensed hams have a portion in 33cm band that is where the smart meters are of concern as well. I have complete control of the rf in my home but the moment they attach smart grid to my house I no longer have that freedom of control. Take some time and really research the information for yourself. It may be very Healthy to find out the Rest Of The Story.