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posted Aug 11, 2013, 8:32 PM by Stones River
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A suggested standard path for a home APRS station is:


This will provide you with two hops via the RF network.

If you are in an area where fill-in digipeaters are needed to cover areas that are shadowed from the main digipeater's receiver, a suggested path is:

One thing to watch out for is to make sure WIDE1-1 is only ever used in the first hop position. 

If you used a (BAD) path such as:


Basic TNC Settings for Home Operations

When you purchase a new TNC and turn it on for the first time, it contains several default settings that you must first re-program before operating it with APRS.

If the new TNC is a Kantronics KPC-3 Plus or KAM, in addition to the MYCALL and MYPBBS and other settings, you also must adjust INTerface from NEWUSER to TERMINAL. This opens additional fields for re-programming. Adjust HEAderline to OFF, and MCOM and MCON to OFF. For home ops you can use any BAUD rate setting, but I like to use 4800 because it keeps me consistent with all my TNCs since the Tracker TNCs require ABAUD 4800 for interface with the GPS. Whatever ABAUD setting you choose, remember it, as when you start APRS for the first time it will ask you, among other questions, what your baud rate is set at.

After starting APRS, and you believe you are communicating OK with the TNC, you can now watch for stations to appear, and your packets to begin sending over the system.

Your APRS application "should" select an outgoing transmit rate of once every 30 minutes. This is just fine, and you should not have to change it. The outgoing path should be WIDE2-2.

When using an older TNC for your house and fill-in digipeat station, insert your position fix in the BTEXT, set the TNC to beacon at 30 minute intervals, and set up an alias of "WIDE1-1". Here is an example:

	mycall AB7CD

	myalias WIDE1-1

	unproto APRS VIA WIDE2-2

	btext !0000.00N/00000.00W- 

	beacon EVERY 30 (might need to be 600 depending on TNC)

	txdelay 30

	digipeat ON

	xmitok ON

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