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Mount Juliet Simplex Net 146.415

posted Jul 6, 2017, 5:02 PM by Stones River   [ updated Jul 23, 2017, 6:44 PM ]

"Simplex is the Heart of Ham Radio" k4pew
Lurkers, Lollygaggers and Sandbaggers Welcome

A couple years ago K4PEW Paul started what is now known as the Mt. Juliet Simplex Net. Who can you talk with in your area without the use of a repeater? Why Simplex when we have all these repeaters? Well answers to questions like that are exactly what a simplex net can offer. Here is one scenario, Repeaters are down from east to west all across the state as a result of last nights storms. Or maybe the Trustee of several repeaters has died and no one else has the codes or keys. A planned targeted attack on all repeaters in your area by disgruntled or slighted club members. Or just something as simple as a squirrel got caught eating his nuts on the incoming power lines. We certainly are spoiled with the repeaters that seem to always be there up and operational. But WHAT IF? It is not surprising in today's world to see Hams that cannot change the input tone on some of these radios. Where is that manual? Oh I cannot input frequencies unless I have a specific usb cable, computer, and proprietary software. These are just some of my thoughts as I think on the subject of SIMPLEX Radio. K4PEW has put a lot of Heart into this up and coming Simplex Net. Join the Mount Juliet Simplex Net if you are in the area.

Info Follows:

What?  Ham Radio Simplex Net
Where? 146.415 Simplex
When? Every Sunday and Wednesday evening @ 8:00 p.m.

Scanner Listener Below

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