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Middle Tennessee Medical Center 2011

posted Feb 10, 2014, 11:46 AM by Stones River
Now Renamed: Saint Thomas Rutherford

The old Middle Tennessee Medical Center located in Murfreesboro Tennessee is now known as Saint Thomas Rutherford. There is a monthly Amateur Radio Hospital net that takes place the third Thursday of each month at 12:00 Noon on the Nashville AF4TZ 146.670 MHz, W4YXA 146.910 @ Short Mountain, K4ORE 146.925 MHz. @ Clarksville and 147.120 in Columbia.

Here are some photos of the razing of a Historical Landmark.

The antennas on the far right went down with the building. It should be noted that the proper people were notified months prior to this photo that it should be arranged to salvage these antennas. It could very well be that the Homeland Security Granted Equipment indoors might have gone down with the ship as well. I suppose we will never know. However the serial numbers can be traced if they happen to show up. KI4NDN

Middle Tennessee Medical Center
The Old Rutherford Hospital
What A Beautiful Building and Old Landmark
It Is A Shame To Destroy Such A Fine Old Historical Institution/Building.

For The Welfare Of Mankind

1926 Rutherford Hospital

Presented To Middle Tennessee Medical Center September 01, 1986

Beautiful Entrance
We Will Miss You

Middle Tennessee Medical Center In All Her Glory

Saint Thomas Rutherford aka Middle Tennessee Medical Center