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Jack Gerritsen Gets 7 Years For Radio Violations

posted Jan 16, 2014, 7:56 PM by Stones River

Hello Ham Radio Community,
This is to inform you of the Federal Case against Jack Gerritsen (Ex-KG6IRO) is now done, pending the appeals process by his court appointed attorney.
As you remember, Jack was convicted back in Dec 2005 for his 6 Federal crimes.
Today, 9-18-06 at 1:45 P.M. at the Roybal Federal Court, 255 E. Temple St, Los Angeles, Room 850. There were approximately 16 hams and Law Enforcement represented at the sentencing, as well as Mr. Gerritsen's family .
Prior to sentencing, Mr. Gerritsen's addressed the court stating "I would like to apologize to the Government, the FCC, and the Amateur Radio Community, ......I'm sorry and I apologize to everyone here". The Judge listened to the defendant's attorney who recommended 2 years for his sentence as a more than appropriate sentence for this case.
The USDA Lamar Baker said that based on his prior actions/convictions, the government recommends that the term of 46 months (3 yrs, 8 months) would be a more appropriate sentence on this case.
After the Judge heard both arguments, he brought down the following statements/sentence:
"How many times have you said you would not do this again"? "But based on your history, you come back again and again for this. I believe you will continue to do it, and it would send the wrong message to others, that 5 years is not long enough either!" Your 15 prior misdemeanor convictions, transmitting from the roof of the Court House, bringing a suspicious package that was blown up at another federal building, including the possible loss of life when looking for a missing vessel and when the Red Cross had it's disaster, that this is all significant enough and substantial to bring the following."
"You are hereby ordered to pay a fine of $225.00 to be paid immediately, and on count 1, you are fined $15,000.00 to be paid through the Probation dept."
"I sentence you on, Count 1, (U.S. Title 18, Section 1362, Transmitting on a Government Freq.) for a term of 84 MONTHS (7 years), with 2 years supervised probation upon completion of your sentence. On your additional counts, they will run concurrent with count 1."
"You must participate in substance abuse (Drug treatment) and alcohol classes/program, paid for at Mr. Gerritsen's expense."
"You can not use any moniker including his previous Amateur radio license call sign. You can only use your real name when identifying yourself."
"You can not OWN, POSSESS or USE any radio broadcasting equipment."
Mr. Gerritsen's will be on 2 years supervised probation when he gets out of Federal prison, and it is the courts recommendation he remain is custody in the Southern California area.
73, Be Safe, Deputy Burton Brink-N6USO