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Emergency Communications

posted Aug 23, 2013, 10:11 AM by Stones River



In an emergency situation, the emergency response group must be activated. It is not left to the first person who brings the ball, bat and catcher’s mitt to be in charge. It is tantamount of importance to have a hierarchy of those in charge and with that a call-up list of the participants. Knowing full well that the top of the list is not always available, 24, 7, 365, there should be assistants designated to place the team in an active mode. With a clear list of the pecking order, inability to reach the top individual on the list, the second in command should be notified. Failure to reach the second, notification should be differed to the third and so forth. Without more than one individual having authority in such situations, the system is broken and of no help to those in need. Once the team has been activated, at whatever level, those higher up in the chain of command will assume command once contact has been made and those individuals are available to assume their duties. A clear list of procedures should be in place for anyone who might have the duty to activate the group fall upon them. Additionally a clear call-up list should be distributed to each and every member of the group in order to contact those necessary to activate the team in case of an emergency situation.