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Delta Update -August 2013

posted Aug 30, 2013, 5:32 PM by Stones River
Greeting Delta Division Members and Amateurs:
July was very busy with the Programs and Services Committee and ARRL
Board meetings. August has been just about as exciting with a new Vice
Director, Ed Hudgens, WB4RHQ coming on board to fulfill Glen Clayton,
W4BDB’s term.  The Delta Division, the leadership and I wish to thank
Glen for his service both past and future.   We also welcome Ed to the
Division and look forward to working with him.  

Here are the highlights of the July 2013 Programs and Services
Committee of the Board of Directors meeting minutes:

The July 2013 meeting of the ARRL Program and Services Committee was
called to order at 0900 EDT 18July2013 in the upper floor of W1AW, 225
Main Street, Newington, CT.   In attendance were:
Mr.  David Norris K5UZ, Chairman
Dr James Weaver, K8JE
Mr. Michael Lisenco, N2YBB
Mr. Richard Norton, N6AA
Mr. Greg Sarratt, W4OZK
Mr. Thomas Abernathy, W3TOM
Mr. Kermit Carlson, W9XA
Mr. Dale Williams, WA8EFK
Mr. James Pace, K7CEX
Mr. Dave Patton, NN1N
        Mr. Bruce Frahm, K0BJ  joined at 1050
        Mr Jay Bellows, K0QB   joined at 1255
        Dr David Woolweaver, K5RAV   joined at 1325
        Dr. James Boehner, N2ZZ   joined at 1340			
Mr. Rick Roderick, K5UR   joined at 1500

DXCC Mobile Award Update
            Mr David Patton, NN1N, brought forth recommendations from
the Awards Committee based on previous discussions from the PSC
Motioned Mr Abernathy, seconded Dr Weaver to send the recommendation to
(all in favor, motion passed)

CAC’s January 2013 Recommendation on creating a SO Ass’d Cat in
ARRL 10 & 160m Contests
Based upon recommendations from the CAC’s January 2013 report and
approved by the Awards Committee , staff is hereby directed to
implement a Single Operator Assisted/Unlimited  in Category in all ARRL
Contests that currently do not allow for that category.	
Mr. Lisenco, N2YBB and Second Mr Abernathy W3TOM,  
 (1 opposed 1 abstain, 4 in favor;  motion passed)
Question of a  DXCC rule change for Kosovo 
After  discussion it was the unanimous opinion of  the Program Services
Committee that the present criteria which defines  DXCC entities (Point
1) shall not be changed. 
Mr Weaver Moves, Mr Norris Seconds    (6  in favor; motion passed)

DXAC Report-
Motion to  Accept the Report; 
Mr. Lisenco Moved, Mr. Norris Seconds    (6  in favor; motion passed)

CAC Report – 
Motion to  Accept the Report; 
Mr. Norris Moved, Dr Weaver Second;     (6  in favor; motion passed)

Request to do away with signal reports in ARRL contest.
Motion to take no action 
Moved Dr Weaver, Second Mr Lisneco;    (6  in favor; motion passed)

Request by members for Review of ARRL FD Contest Rules/ Possible
 	Consideration of two FD Rules Change at the request of members  .
 Motion to take no action
Moved Dr Weaver, Second Mr Lisenco;    (6  in favor; motion passed)
VUAC Report
Motion to  Accept the Report and to accept  PSC #1

// PSC #1 //

Where as;
The VHF-UHF Advisory Committee was created in 2005 to help advise the
ARRL Board on the issues relative to VHF-UHF Activities;
and Whereas,
             The VUAC has sought to create a consensus of opinion by
communicating with the VHF/UHF operating public;
and Whereas,
             The VUAC has worked to promote increased operation on  and
awareness of the VHF/UHF spectrum ;
Be it hereby resolved that the ARRL Board of Directors sincerely thanks
the members of the VHF-UHF Advisory Committee for their service to the
American Radio Relay League and to the Amateur Community.
Mr. Norris Moved, Dr Weaver Second;     (6 in favor, motion passed)

Public Relations Committee Report 
Dr James Boehner presented the remainder report of the Public Relations
Committee with information items and no action items.

  Awards Committee
The Program Services Committee discussed the Knight Distinguished
Service Award , Technical Innovation Award, Technical Service Award,
and the  Microwave Development award.

//PSC#2 //

Whereas,  Dr.  Robert S. Dixon W8ERD of Delaware, Ohio is recognized
for numerous technical contributions to the field of Amateur Radio;
and Whereas,
             he has shared his abilities and enthusiasm for Amateur
and Whereas,
             he has shared his knowledge through publication of
articles  in QST
and Whereas,
              He has designed and created one of the first Tactical
Communications Bridge systems
 for his local ARES group
and Whereas,
               he is a Life Member of the American Radio Relay League
         Be it hereby resolved that Dr. Robert S. Dixon, W8ERD, is
awarded the
2013 ARRL  Technical Service Award.
Moved by Dr Weaver, Seconded  by Mr. Sarratt  (6  in favor; motion

Awards Committee (Continued)

//PSC #3//
            Brian D. Justin, WA1ZMS/4  of  Forest, Virginia has
demonstrated a distinguished  lifelong amateur radio career;
and Whereas,
               he has orchestrated expeditions which  garnered  the
first VUCC on 47 GHz, 76 GHz, 122 GHz, 145 GHz and 241 GHz;
  and Whereas,
               he  has developed and built several homebrew millimeter
wave equipped stations;
and Whereas,
                he continues to operates a trans-Atlantic high power 2
meter CW  beacon;
and Whereas,
                he operates several repeaters from 146 to 1200 Mhz
and Whereas,
                he  is a  Life Member of the American Radio Relay
Be it hereby resolved that Brian D. Justin, WA1ZMS/4  is awarded the
2013 ARRL Technical Innovation Award.

MVP Report- NN1N
1.	Everything is going well
2.	Reforming the DXCC fees has helped the backlog problem
3.	Logbook of the World new 2.0 is performing as intended and the
numbers look good
4.	Volunteer Programmers are progressing faster than expected
Ad Hoc Education  Committee Report
	The members of the Committee were Dr David Woolweaver K5 RAV, Chair; 
Mr. Michael Lisenco, N2YBB; Kermit Carlson, W9XA. Thanks to the Staff
for their help in preparing the committee report by Dr.  Woolweaver. 
A motion was made to extend the work of the Ad Hoc Education  Committee
until January 2015    
Moved by Dr. Weaver, Seconded by Mr. Abernathy  (6  in favor, motion
passed )

Ad Hoc Clubs Committee Report
	The members of the Committee were Dr James Weaver,  K8JE,  Chair;  
Mr. Michael Lisenco,  N2YBB;  and Kermit Carlson, W9XA.  A discussion
of the Committee report was followed by the recommendation to continue
present tasking.  
On the basis of the recommendations of the”Ad Hoc Clubs Committee”,
a motion was made by Dr Weaver  to direct staff to;

A.	Place a list of club benefits at a prominent location on the ARRL
web site, with readily-visible, direct links to full discussion of each
of the benefits.
B.	Present the club page (at Search for ARRL Affiliated Clubs) as a
single page.  This page would contain the most important information
about a club such as its meeting location and time, contact person and
contact information, and a link to the club website and the club e-mail
C.	Develop a more refined search tool for finding local area clubs. 
The search should list clubs in their order from the one nearest to, to
the one furthest from, the inquirer.
D.	Promote the availability and use of e-mail
addresses for affiliated clubs.
E.	Develop a club forum site.
F.	Develop a site that contains a library of possible programs that can
be used by clubs.  Periodic solicitation of members for programs to be
reviewed for possible posting at this site could minimize staff effort
in managing the site. Using a review team of volunteers for these
reviews could facilitate the success of this site by reducing the
expenditure of staff time still further.
G.	It is recommended that hamfest sanctioning be removed from the list
of Affiliated Club benefits and be recognized as open to individuals or
groups the objectives of which are consistent with the goals and
purposes of ARRL.  Sanctioning of hamfests should continue to be
subject to initial review by staff followed by approval of the local
Division Director.  Similarly, sanctioning of conventions should
continue to be subject to the additional approval of the Executive
Motion by Dr Weaver, Seconded by Mr Lisenco  (6- in favor, motion

A motion was made by Dr. Weaver to continue with work of the Ad Hoc
Clubs Committee  until January 2014.
Motion by Dr Weaver, Seconded by Mr Lisenco  (6- in favor, motion

Emergency Preparedness Report
Mr. Mike Corey, KI1U presented the emergency preparedness report. In
discussions with FEMA regarding the MDEC recommendations it was
determined there were way the program could be improved. Key to the
success is utilizing the MDEC primarily as a liaison to FEMA Regional
Voluntary Agency Liaisons (VAL), state and regional VOAD’s, and
regional coordinators of served agencies. In doing so it would keep the
MDEC’s connected during times of no disaster and make them a known
quantity during times of disaster. The ARESMAP concept can still be
included in this modified MDEC plan. The term MDEC may need to be
changed to better reflect their function.
  FEMA is looking into refining the CERT Team concept to include Campus
CERT Teams, which is seen by the Mr Corey, the ARRL Emergency
Preparedness Manager, as an opportunity.
There is a working group for VOAD groups for disaster communications. 
Mr Corey serves on this committee which expects to have report
completed for May 2014.
The  Section Emergency Coordinators Standards is being presented as
optional standards, this information is presented through the website
and local presentations. There is a plan to have an SEC webinar in the
ECAC Report- 
       The PSC  Chair and the ECAC Liaison will contact the ECAC
Committee Chair to refine the detail of tasking.
A motion to accept the ECAC report was made by Mr. Sarratt, Second by
Mr. Abernathy  
(6-0 in favor, motion passed)

NTS/NTSD    Methods, Practices & Guidance of the Public Service
Communications Manual Ch 6
	A draft of the MPG Chapter 6 was presented; the Program and Services
Committee directed staff to review and update the draft for later
Public  Service  Honor  Role  Scoring Revisions
The NTS Honor Role scoring was discussed.  A motion was made directing
staff to suggest changes to the PSHR Scoring schedule for the January
2014 PSC meeting.
Motion was made  by Mr Norris, Second by Mr. Abernathy      (6 in
favor, motion passed)  

DXCC  Remote Operations
Mr David Patton, NN1N, brought forth recommendations on remote
operations from the Awards Committee based on previous discussions from
the PSC and the DXAC.  The recommendations were accepted by the Program
and Services Committee for review and later discussion.

At 1630PM a motion for recess was introduced by Mr Abernathy, seconded
by Dr Weaver until 0830 19th of July 2013 at the Board Room.  (6 – 0
in favor, motion passed)

Mr. Patton’s remote operations recommendations were sent to the DXAC
as part of the tasking for the DXCC Rules Review motion passed by the
ARRL Board.  

The ARRL Board of Directors Meting minutes should be posted on the ARRL
website at 

Delta Division Youth Update by Aaron Alexander, KI4OTH, Delta Division
Assistant Director for Youth:
As the Director for Youth in the Delta Division, I am planning to
contribute to the division website by adding a youth page containing
youth-related amateur radio articles.  Along with this I am planning on
creating a Youth Delta Division Facebook page to connect with the youth
webpage.  My goal is for division ARRL members to suggest topics which
I can research and write about, then post on the youth webpage and link
through Facebook.

I have also considered contacting any local youth/school amateur radio
clubs, but to my knowledge there are no school clubs in the Memphis

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!
Aaron Alexander,

YLRL News- B.J. Byrd, KB5CSQ

 Well it’s July already can you believe how fast this year is going
by?  Lots of YLRL news with Hamcom, Field Day, to July 4th activities
and NASA Astronomer news hope you enjoy the reading.
Welcome new YLRL members in District 5 area – Judy KF5ERO of Combs,
AR, Kelley K5KTX of Quinlan, TX, Shannon W5SEK of Allen, TX and Janet
KJ5WRN of Sugarland, TX, who signed up at the YLRL booth at Hamcom. 
 A huge Thank you goes to Judi W0JJ who volunteered to setup the YLRL
booth at Hamcom in Plano TX Judi has told me she had a great time and
would do it again please see her news below.
 My OM Ed KA5VFU and I attended Field Day at Hooterville location where
the Magnolia DX and the Great Southern DX groups do their contest
activities, we operated K5MDX 3A MS and the GOTA station with GOTA
Coach MARK W5MDX operated W5NO 3A MS. We had a total of 26 operators
and visitors and we were on the air around the clock, had 3 towers with
beams, 4 square for receive, a dipole and inverted V and lots of good
food, good friends and the weather was nice, rain showers north of our
location so the clouds kept us fairly cool. The youth enjoying
operating the radios for the first time and Mark W5MDX did a great job
as GOTA coach.  Thank you to our Field Day Chairman Terry AE5RI who
kept everything organized and running smoothly. 

Garland, TX, Judi W0JJ,
Ham Com, in Plano TX on June 7 & 8 was a huge success.  I want to thank
YLRL members Sallie, AE5OM and Vicky, AE9YL for helping me in the booth.
 We talked with 70 to 80 people-- YLs, YLs who are Techs studying for
General Class Grandpas with their granddaughters, dads with their
daughters, OMs with their YLs who are upgrading, and OMs who brought
their XYLs by to talk Ham radio.  It was fun.  We signed 4 new members
right on the spot just by offering them a seat to fill out the form and
to mail it in for them. They are KJ5WRN, Janet Wrenn from Sugarland, TX;
 W5SEK, Shannon Kelly from Allen, TX ; KF5ERQ, Judy Seifert from Combs,
AR; and K5KTX, Kelley Miller from Quinlan, TX.  I had not worked the
booth in 10 years.  One YL came by and made the comment that there was
no Hospitality Sign-in sheet as she had seen in Dayton so I started
one.  I am so glad we did because now I have a list of those who
stopped by; i.e., YLRL members AG6V, Donna Hinshaw and AG6 OW, Linda
Postenrieda from Petaluma, CA were here visiting relatives. Most of the
names were from TX and OK but I found  KD5CCB, Cindy Penry from Glen
Burnie, MD.  Sallie, AE5OM, told me that we had a YL forum last year. 
With some planning we can come up with some topics for next year’s
Ham Com.    I also had flyers on the table for my affiliated club Texas
Young Lady’s Round Up Net.  We had 12 YLs sign up for our net.  That
was very exciting because we only have 2 of us on our weekly net right
now.  We welcome everyone to join us on Thursdays at 7:55AM on 3.947. 
Thanks to Betty Jo for sending out a request for someone to sit at the
YLRL table.  It was great to talk ham radio with so many
YLs/OMs/XYLS/kids.  I hope we can do it again next year.  In the
pictures, Vicky, AE9YL showing off her new YLRL logo shirt that I
embroidered for her; and the other is Judi, W0JJ and Sallie, AE5OM in
the YLRL booth at Ham Com. 33,  Judi 

Joyce congratulations on the G Grandkids and 61 years of marriage!
Thank you all for sending in your news nice to hear all the radio
activity. Remember to check into the YLRL nets and if I can help you
with anything please let me know.
Betty Jo (BJ) Byrd


There are a couple of upcoming operating events next month in the Delta
Division of note that I mentioned in a previous bulletin: the Tennessee
QSO Party and the Arkansas QSO Party.   

The 2013 Tennessee QSO Party is 1800z Sunday, September 1 until 0300z
Monday, September 2, 2013.  The Tennessee QSO Party is hosted by the
Tennessee Contest Group.  Here is some information from the TCG page:

The Tennessee QSO Party is an annual amateur radio event which takes
place on either the first or second Sunday of September.  All amateur
radio operators in the great state of Tennessee are encouraged to
participate as antennas around the world rotate and point to the
volunteer state.  Each year tens of thousands of QSOs occur between
Tennessee amateur radio operators and hams worldwide.  Personalized
plaques are awarded for category winners, along with certificates
suitable for framing, magazine subscriptions, and radio kits for other
Here are some of the rules:

CONTEST PERIOD :1800z Sunday, September 1 until 0300z Monday, September
2, 2013
OBJECT :Stations outside of Tennessee work as many Tennessee stations
in as many Tennessee counties as possible.  Stations in Tennessee work
BANDS:All amateur bands except 60, 30, 17 and 12 meters are valid.

	Phone (no repeater QSOs)
	CW
	Digital (RTTY, PSK31, FSK441, JT6M, etc)

RS(T) and Tennessee County, U.S. state, Canadian province/territory, or
DXCC entity.  (All radio equipment, including antennas, must be located
within the county, state, province/territory or entity given in the
Tennessee stations may work anyone; those outside Tennessee work only
Tennessee stations. Stations may be worked once per band/mode. Mobiles
may be worked again if they change counties.

A.   Fixed
1.(High, Low, & QRP)
2.(CW, phone, data, & mixed)
3.(High, Low, & QRP)
4.(CW, phone, data, & mixed)
B.   Mobile
1.(High, Low, & QRP)
2.(CW, phone, data, & mixed)
1.(High, Low, & QRP)
2.(CW, phone, data, & mixed)

High power is more than 150W transmitter output, Low power is 150W
transmitter output or less, and QRP is 5W transmitter output or less.
All Out-of-State entries compete in the Fixed categories.  All
Tennessee portable operations compete in the Fixed categories.
Mobile stations must be self-contained and capable of legal motion
while operating.  Motion is optional.  Single-Op Mobile may use a
driver, but that person may not assist in the operation of the radio

Suggested TQP Frequencies:
1815, 3540, 7040, 14040, 21040, 28040
3585, 7085, 14085, 21085, 28085
1855, 3820, 7240, 14280, 21390, 28390
50.195, 144.195, 146.55, 223.50, 446.0
Check 15 meters on the half-hour, 10 on the hour, and 6 at 1815, 1915,
and 2015z.  Check RTTY at 10 minutes after each hour, and PSK31 at 20

	Certificates will be awarded to the five highest scoring Tennessee
entrants in each category.
	Certificates will be awarded to the highest scoring entrant from
each category in each U.S. state, Canadian province or territory and
DXCC entity.
	Certificates will be awarded to the first-place Tennessee club, and
the first-place outside-Tennessee club.
	Certificates will be awarded to all first-time entrants, and to
every entry making more than 100 QSOs.
	Certificates will be awarded to the top CW-only, top phone-only,
and top digital-only entrant in each category.
	A certificate will be awarded to the highest-scoring in-state
mobile operated entirely by amateurs who don’t reside in Tennessee.

	Plaques and other prizes may be awarded at the discretion of TCG.
TCG Headquarters station K4TCG and the TCG itself are not eligible for
awards.  Other awards may be given.  Entrants are encouraged to include
birth year with their entries, as special recognition may be given to
younger operators

Indicate band/mode, time, call worked, and QTH.   Please include your
call sign, category, team (if any), and county (if you’re in
Tennessee).  Don’t forget your mailing address; you might win
something!  Mobiles must indicate county changes.
Computer logs are encouraged.  Cabrillo format is especially
appreciated, but any ASCII text format is acceptable.  Email logs are
best (, but Windows-formatted floppy disks, CDs, or thumb
drives are also fine.  Be sure to include all required information ā??
including your mailing address, and for Tennessee stations, your

Template files for the TRLog and NA contest programs are posted on the
TNQP Home Page at  If you don’t have Internet access,
write W9WI at the address below for a copy.  Some other contest
programs, such as the N1MM Logger (, have support for the
Tennessee QSO Party built-in.

Logs must be received by 2 October 2013.  Thanks!
Email logs to:
Mail logs to: 
Tennessee QSO Party
c/o Doug Smith, W9WI
1389 Old Clarksville Pike
Pleasant View, TN  37146-8098
Visit for more information on the Tennessee QSO
TNX to TCG for hosting this event!

The 2013 Arkansas QSO Party is Sept 14 2013 and I have included some
information from the AQP rules. 
1400Z, Sep 14 to 0200Z, Sep 15, 2013 
(Local time: 9am – 9pm Central Time, Sep 14, 2013) 
Rules and other related operating aids (Summary Sheet, Multiplier List,
and Operating Tips) available at: 
Stations outside Arkansas work as many Arkansas stations in as many
Arkansas counties as possible.  Stations inside Arkansas work everyone
on the following bands: 
80, 40, 20, 15, 10 and 2 meters. WARC bands are not to be used for this
Modes for the ARQP include SSB, CW, PSK, RTTY, FM with the suggested
QSO frequencies:

CW: 3.540, 7.040, 14.040, 21.040, 28.040, 144.040 
SSB: 3.850, 7.180, 14.280, 21.380, 28.380, 146.550 
PSK / RTTY: 3.580, 7.080, 14.07015, 21.080, 28.080 
FM: 146.520 

Arkansas stations send signal report and county designator (see Inside
Arkansas Multiplier list for your county designator). 
Non-Arkansas stations send signal report and U.S. State or Canadian
Province 2-letter abbreviation, or “DX”. 

AQP Station categories are as follows: 

Single-Operator High Power (SSB or mixed mode): 151 watts up to legal
band limit 
Single-Operator Low Power (SSB or mixed mode): 6-150 watts 
Single-Operator QRP (SSB or mixed mode): 5 watts or less 
Single-Operator High Power, All CW 
Single-Operator Low Power, All CW 
All PSK / RTTY (All power levels) 
Multi-Operator, Single Transmitter (informal group or club station, all
power levels) 
Multi-Operator, Multi Transmitter (informal group or club station, all
power levels) 
Mobile (All power levels, Single or Multi-Op) 
Portable (All power levels, Single or Multi-Op) 
Rover (All power levels, Single or Multi-Op)
AQP Scoring is as follows:
QSO points – 2 points per CW, PSK or RTTY QSO. 1 point per SSB QSO.
(Duplicate QSOs will not be counted.)  

AQP Bonus Stations 2013 – 200 points each: 
AA5AR (Amateur Radio Klub of the Arkansas Northwest) 
K5UZ (Batesville Area Radio Club)
Logs may be either paper of electronic Cabrillo format and must be
submitted no later than October 11, 2013.  

1. Paper logs + AQP Summary Sheet, mail to: 
Arkansas QSO Party 
%Don Banta, K5DB 
3407 Diana St. 
Springdale, AR 72764 

2. Electronic logs must be submitted in Cabrillo format via e-mail
attachment to with the subject line as shown below, and
also must include a second attachment containing the Summary Sheet (no
zipped files): 

Subject: [Your call] 
Attachments: 1) [Your call].LOG 2) AQP Summary Sheet.doc 
ALL LOG SUBMISSIONS, PAPER OR ELECTRONIC, must be accompanied by the
Arkansas QSO Party Summary Sheet, available for downloading from the
ARKAN website:

If any Arkansas radio amateurs have any questions about operating in
the upcoming Arkansas QSO Party in September, they can e-mail the QSO
Party Manager, Don Banta – K5DB, at:
 Or, if you would like to ask Don any questions live and on-air, Don
will be conducting a special Arkansas QSO Party Information Net on 3
different dates, as the AQP approaches: 

Saturday, September 7 the net will convene immediately following the
Saturday Arkansas Razorback Net which begins at 6:30 pm Central time on
3.987.5 kHz. Please feel free to check-in to any of these special nets.
Don will be happy to discuss any topics and/or field any questions
about the Arkansas QSO Party that you might have.

For more information visit
Or email Don Banta, K5DB at
TNX to the ARKAN club for sponsoring this event and to K5DB for working
out the details!

Upcoming Hamfests and Conventions:
•	08/24/2013 | Cedars of Lebanon 33rd Annual Hamfest 
Location: Lebanon, TN
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Short Mountain Repeater Club

•	09/06/2013 | 44th Annual Queen Wilhelmina Hamfest 
Location: Mena, AR
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Queen Wilhelmina Hamfest Association

•	09/21/2013 | All-Arkansas Hamfest 
Location: Little Rock, AR
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Central Arkansas Radio Emergency Net (CAREN)

•	09/21/2013 | ARRL Day in the Park 
Location: Brandon, MS
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: ARRL MS Section & Central Mississippi ARA

•	09/27/2013 | SEDCO/W4DXCC IX Convention 
Location: Pigeon Forge, TN
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Southeastern DX & Contesting Organization, Inc.

That's a wrap!  Until next time, Vice Director Hudgens, WB4RHQ and K5UZ
extend 73 ES GUD DX!

ARRL Delta Division
Director: David A Norris, K5UZ