A few comments sent in by CSA members

Just needed to send a note to say you totally rocked it this week. The sweet peppers are amazing. The edamame are delicious and the heirloom tomatoes... the best.
Also a story. Last week there were many unclaimed shares because people were on vacation. I asked our property manager to distribute the remainders to others in the building. An email went out and within seconds, our security guard Rob noticed a huge crowd piling into the stairwell and elevators. He called it "the running of the bulls." All of the food was gone in 5 minutes and everyone is still talking about how great the farm is.

Hope you're having an excellent week and best wishes, Jackie 


I am so glad to hear that you are continuing to offer the egg shares through winter!  I was already anticipating the let-down in adjusting to store-bought eggs.  I think there is as much or more of a  difference between these Stone Soup eggs and the free-range/organic/all-natural supermarket variety, as there is between the latter and regular mass produced chicken eggs.

- Criselda

I just wanted to thank you and everyone at Stone Soup for the amazing veggies despite the terrible weather!  I have been so impressed with the quality of the vegetables and the variety, especially given the lack of sun and heavy, depressing rains! I have been making the most incredible meals because of your team's hard work and dedication.
Several people have posted on Chowhound that their CSAs weren't able to deliver this week due to the heavy rains.  I feel so lucky that we are not just receiving deliveries, but incredible big beautiful bags of gorgeous produce.
I also wanted to ask you to please increase my invoice by $50.  I know you donate shares to the community, and I usually factor in a little extra to help support this.  When I checked my invoice I realized that I hadn't done that this year.  
oh and the bread is incredible!
Thanks again.


And let’s discuss those eggs. Oh my GOD. I have missed the farm eggs so much over the winter. No matter what fancy organic natural free range heaven-sent eggs I bought from Whole Foods, the yolks were pale and the whites were runny.  These eggs were delicious! Light and creamy and fluffy. Ben claims he hates eggs, but the farm ones don’t seem to count. They “don’t taste eggy,” he says. He’s right, they taste like heaven. I have used 8 of the dozen since Thursday, pacing myself AND going out of town for the weekend. Just look at the color of those yolks and tell me you aren’t dying to get your hands on some! 



i just wanted to say that i followed your suggestion and made refrigerator pickles out of the cukes, dill & garlic we got in last week's share. they are so amazing and my mouth waters at the thought of them! it has taken every bit of self restraint i can muster to not plow right through them, since i'm trying to gauge how the flavor changes with added time in the brine. i hope there are more cukes ahead. thank you so much for your great suggestion and great produce.

best regards,


I just wanted to say that I love the "Asian" items we've had this year. The Asian pears, Japanese eggplant, and edamame have been great.


I know you all are doing a lot of hard work on the farm, but I justwanted to reiterate that the fruits of your labors are paying off!  We ate wonderful salads and had to figure out what a garlic scape was last week, and I can't wait to experiment with cooking beet greens this week.  Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your time and effort to feed us so very well!  

Hope you're having a good week!