Free Range Hens

Stone Soup pastures chickens for eggs.  They are completely chemical free, and are fed only certified organic grain, though we do not seek certified organic status.   Our breeds include:
  • Barred Rocks
  • New Hampshire Reds
  • Black Stars (a mixed breed with one parent of each of Barred Rocks and New Hampshire Reds)
  • Cuckoo Marans
  • Isa Browns
  • Silver Laced Wyandotes
  • Single Comb Leghorns
  • Ameraucanas
Chickens are on cleanup duty at Stone Soup Farm.  When we're done with a patch of spinach, or a crate of cukes go unwanted, our ladies come to the rescue.   In fact, they're a vital part of the farm's ecosystem.  They eat weeds, leftover crops, and bugs, and poop them out as high-potency fertilizer for our soils.   

They are also, strictly speaking, adorable.

Ways to get our eggs:
Egg shares
We sell most our eggs alongside our veggie farmshares as add-on shares.  See our signup form for details.  Make sure you sign up fast, these little treats are the first to sell out each year.