Service List

Natural Goodness?  Yeah, We've Got That.

What Stone Soup Does

The Co-Op Dinner

Stone Soup’s original and still tastiest event, the Co-Op dinner is open to anyone.  Organic, vegetarian meals are prepared each Thursday at 6 PM in Ladd House. Ten spots are reserved each week for guests, the so-called weeklings.  If you are a Bowdoin student, faculty or staff member, sign up at the Smith Union info desk Mon.-Wed.  If you would like to reserve a spot and are not a member of the Bowdoin community, please contact the Tender of the Weeklings (see contact page) a week early to ensure a place.

Co-Op Meetings

Every Sunday at 9 P.M., Co-Op members get together in Burnett House, one of Bowdoin's residential buildings, to figure out the logistics of that week’s dinner, secure sources for funding and produce, and plan future events and speakers.  If you would like to know more about how the Co-Op works, or would like to make suggestions about Co-Op events, feel free to sit in on a Co-Op meeting.  All are welcome.

 Getting the Food

Okay, so getting the food may not be a service offered to you, but it’s a service you can offer to the Co-Op.  Stone Soup is always looking for new Maine-based distributors and farmers that can offer the Co-Op organic fruits and vegetables from autumn through spring.  If you know, buy from, or are yourself an organic farmer or an organic food distributor, contact the Co-Op and let us know.