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Natural Goodness?  Yeah, We've Got That.

Want to know the Stone Soup Co-Op better?  Here’s who we are.

     Because the Stone Soup Co-Op is run by consensus, it has no leaders in the traditional sense of the term.  However, there are certain members who have taken it upon themselves to consistently fulfill necessary roles, and several of them are listed here.

Co Directors (overall logistics and organization):

Larissa Curlik

Katherin Kirklin

Michael Taylor

Distributor Friend

Joel Cartwright

 Equipment Enthusiast:

Holly Kingsbury 

Mr. and Ms. Moneybags (comptrollers) :

Rose Kent

Max Goldstein 

Trapper Keeper (record keeping and data management):

 Aubrey Millert 

Tender of the Weeklings (reservations, board inquiries, advertising, webmaster):

David Scott

The Farm Team

Anna Remillard

Nat Herz

Jonna McKone

Kate Hourihan

Model Co-Oper and Most Enthused Volunteer

Nick Crawford