Natural Goodness? Yeah, We've Got That.

Charter of the Stone Soup Co-Op

This document specifies the ideals, goals, and practices of the Stone Soup Co-Op.  This document is available in PDF form here.


The name of the group will be the Stone Soup Co-Op

Statement of Inclusiveness:

The co-op will consist of a group of 40 students per semester plus a rotating group of 10 students each week for a total of 50 students at the weekly meal.  The 40 members will sign up at the beginning of each semester.  If more than 40 people sign up, then a lottery will be held.  The 10 rotating slots will be open each week on a first come first serve basis.  The structure of the Co-op provides an inclusive environment to all students who wish to be involved because of an open and undiscriminating membership.

While the co-op is limited to 40 members, each semester brings a new opportunity for 40 new members, and the constant 10 rotating slots provide a space for students who wish to experience the co-op but not necessarily as a permanent member.

Mission Statement:

The Stone Soup Co-op will primarily serve as an organization supporting sustainable food purchasing and cooking practices through weekly dinners.  The dinners will be an entirely student-run production where members are responsible for purchasing food, cooking, cleaning, and logistics.  The weekly dinners will be organized according to the following guidelines:

·         Sustainable Practices.  Emphasis for the club will be based on lowering our ecological impact through awareness of food sources and responsible consumption.  Therefore, food purchased must fall into the following two-tiered system and will be prioritized accordingly.

1)      Locally grown in the state of Maine

2)      Certified Organic 

The first priority will be to purchase food that is grown in the state of Maine, which will ideally be organic.  If this is not available, an organic product from out of state will be substituted.  We will strive to make menus that will incorporate as many local products as possible, structuring meals around seasonal availability.

         ·         Economic efficiency.  Meals will fall within an allotted budget that corresponds to the cumulative board transfer from all co-op members.  At present, our budget is $100 per dinner meal.  Extra funds will be used at Co-op members discretion for the purchasing of equipment, speakers, etc.

·         Consensus based decision-making.  Weekly meetings will be held every Sunday night at 9pm. Attendance of the cooks for the current week as well as the cooks from the previous week is mandatory so that meal logistics can be discussed.  Any Co-op member is welcome to come to the meeting and raise pertinent issues.  The meeting agenda meeting will be announced at each co-op dinner.  

·         Self Sufficiency.  The activities of the co-op will be guided by our decision to be self-sufficient, particularly with respect to cleaning, being responsible for the space that we use, all relevant logistics, and the task of providing a wholesome meal for 50 students.

·         Community.  It is our belief that cooking together with food that is environmentally friendly and sustainable will promote a sense of community.  By Bringing people together around the table, students from different classes and backgrounds as well as others inside and outside the Bowdoin community we hope to foster a welcoming, conscious community.

·         Venue for Education.  The co-op will be open to educational opportunities pertaining to sustainability, the environment, and fostering community.  (Guest speakers…small informal workshops…) for those involved in the co-op as well as promoting education and sharing knowledge with the Bowdoin campus and surrounding community.