About Stone Soup

Natural Goodness?  Yeah, We've Got That.

What is Stone Soup?

Our co-op in a nutshell.  For more specifics and detailed information, see the charter or contact us.

The Stone Soup co-ooperative is a union of Bowdoin College students that promotes social and environmental responsibility by serving its campus weekly dinners with ingredients purchased directly from local farmers and businesses, and choosing natural and organic ingredients.  Stone Soup brings to campus speakers and events that reflect its passion and commitment to environmental and social issues, and maintains relations with numerous businesses and individuals in southern Maine who are as concerned about the impact of human activities on the Earth, and are as eager to live healthy, sustainable lives as are the members of the Bowdoin community.

A group of Bowdoin students, yearning for a more permanent and effective means of creating an inclusive community at Bowdoin that would treat the natural world as an equally important member in the college way of life, started Stone Soup in 2005.  Originally known only by its nickname, "the Co-Op," Stone Soup was renamed when it was officially founded in 2006, although it often still referred to as the Co-Op. Stone Soup has always maintained its core activity, a weekly vegetarian dinner that is planned, purchased, publicized, prepared and presented by students for the benefit of students and anyone else who would like to enjoy.  All ingredients used in every meal since its founding have been local and/or organic, and all student work is done on a volunteer basis.  The Co-Op now consists of 40 “permanent” members, who are guaranteed dinners for one semester, and 10 free dinner spots are reserved every week for guests and visitors (a.k.a., the “weeklings”) .  A lottery is held each semester is which students bid for a chance to become a “permanent.”  Funding for Co-Op meals comes from transfers from student meal plans, and dinners seldom exceed $2 per person for 50 people.

 To learn more about Stone Soup's events and personnel, check out the Contact and Service links, or click here to read an article about the Co-Op