The Stone Soup Co-Op

Natural Goodness? Yeah, We've Got That.

Welcome to the Stone Soup Co-Op at Bowdoin College

The Stone Soup Co-Op is a student-run organization operating at Bowdoin College that supports local farmers and businesses and works to encourage sustainable living.  To this end the Co-Op holds weekly vegetarian dinners for the Bowdoin community, brings speakers to campus that address relevant social, political, and environmental issues, and caters events that foster a welcoming, eco-conscious setting.

Stone Soup unifies members of the Bowdoin College community and members of the greater Brunswick, ME and southern Maine communities, creating a network of individuals unified by their desire to live well, learn about and protect the world in which they live, and have fun while doing it.

The Co-Op hosts its dinners every Thursday at 6 PM at Ladd House, 14 College Street, Brunswick, ME.