Stompbox Power Supply

The Stompbox SPX-046 power supply offers a zero noise solution to powering up to six effects pedals (more if a second daisy chain lead is added). The 1330 mA, 9v DC Regulated power supply has an integrated 6-way daisy chain lead with right-angled, centre-negative tips, suitable for the vast majority of single guitar effects pedals, including Boss, Digitech, Marshall, Electro-Harmonix XO and Nano range, Behringer, EBS, Mojo Hand, MXR, Tech 21 and more.

Stompbox power supplies were born out of a specific request from a well-known US pickup and pedal manufacturer who were looking for a robust, reliable PSU to offer to their UK and European customers without having to use expensive US mains adaptors. We are happy to be able to offer these great psu's to MI dealers throughout the Midlands, Northern England, Wales and Scotland.

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