How many times have you found yourself needing to play in an unfamiliar key but you don't have your capo with you? Turning up to band rehearsals, gigs, being asked to play spontaneously at may have been there with your guitar, but without your indispensable capo. Until now the only solution has been for everyone else to sing or play in the key YOU know!

After some serious head scratching, Jim Duncan came up with what he, and I, believe to be the perfect solution for all guitarists....The CapoKeyRing!

The one thing we all carry, for cars, houses or other reasons, is a set of keys.

Jim has invented an ingenious little capo which clips easily onto a key ring and "Hey Presto!" - you need never be caught with a guitar and no capo again! Using finger pressure and an easily-adjustable strap to maintain tension, the CapoKeyring will work on most stringed instruments - even basses!

The CapoKeyRing brings new meaning to the term "key change"!