Create a new program

1.1  Via the calculator

To create a new program, press the [program] button and go to NEW > Create New
Press [Enter] and you’ll supposed to get a screen with “PROGRAM” an “Name=”, the alpha-lock is set automatically, so just type in the name of your potential program, let’s take PRGM1, than press [Enter].

You should see this screen:

Now your program is saved to the RAM of the calculator, but if you try to run it by pressing [PRGM]> …: PRGM1, it only shows “Done”, this is because it doesn’t have any instructions yet.

1.2  Via the Program Editor of TI

Open TIConnect, and press TI Program Editor. At the top of the screen left, a New File icon is placed, click on it and choose your calculator in the new screen, choose program and type in the program name (you can change it later on, so don’t worry about it now), type in PRGM1 and click OK. If you don't see Program editor somewhere, ddownload TIConnect 1.5 bèta, this version contains the editor, the other ones don't... for unkown reasons

It doesn’t matter what you choose to make your program, just be sure that if you do it with the TI Program Editor, you have a USB cable, to connect the calculator to the PC, otherwise it won’t be possible to run it…

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