Kiwame Kubo

Stone Sculptor Kiwame Kubo

Born in Osaka in March 1956, he left Japan for Italy in 1974, seeking inspiration for his artistic future as a sculptor.Graduated in Sculpture at Florence Academy of Fine Art, Italy, in 1978. Learned traditional marble artisan's skills at the Atelier Cervitti, Pietrasanta. Lucca, Italy. This was a nine-year apprenticeship.
Returned to Japan in 1984, travelling overland by the southern route of the Silk Road through Northern Africa, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Thailand gaining further inspiration to create his originality. This travel made him aware that the civilized world is preoccupied with sophisticated images. He has therefore returned to more fundamental forms of artistic expression.

Kiwame now creates sculptures composed according to geometric principles in marble and granite, informed by traditional Italian craftsmanship. His works look simple, but they are extremely finely conceived.
Kiwame currently lives in Okayama, working in Japan as freelancer and producing in China.

Involvement in Symposiums:
1980 The Stone Sculpture Symposium at Rappolano, Italy
1981 The Stone Sculpture Symposium at Carrra, Italy
1985 The Stone Sculpture Symposium at Ootuki, Kochi, Japan
1990 The Stone Sculpture Symposium at Ikeda, Osaka, Japan

2008 Experience the Works with Your Hands
  Hyogo prefectural museum of art ,Hyogo,Japan
2010 Asuka to Nara International Exhibition Sculpture 2010 Nara, Japan
2011 Seven Materials Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza  Okayama, Japan
2012  Gallery I Fukusima, Japan
Okayama Art corridor Okayama Korakuen,Japan
2013 Okayama Iyama Hofuku-ji Temple,Japan
2014 Tomonoura de Art 2014 Fukuyama,Japan 
2015 Tomonoura de Art 2015 Fukuyama,Japan 
2016 Tomonoura de Art 2016 Fukuyama,Japan
2017 Singapore International Miniature Sculpture  Exhibition ,
2017 Piece exhibition of Okayama modern sculpture NagiMOCA,Japan
2017 Gallery Yusai Nara,Japan
2017 Taiwan International Miniature Sculpture  Exhibition , Taiwan
2017 Tomonoura de Art 2017 Fukuyama,Japan

Sculptural Monuments:
1987 Amagsaki Hospital, Hyogo, Japan
1991 Park Seika, Kyoto, Japan
1993 Nara Center building, Nara, Japan
1997 Nangoku city office park, Kochi, Japan
1998 Sakatu Park, Okayama, Japan
2000 Awaji Tubasa port, Hyogo, Japan
2001 Okayama research park, Okayama, Japan
2003 Kagamino city, Okayama, Japan