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Icelandic Sheep & Wool Information

Icelandic Sheep & Wool Info.
History: Icelandic sheep were brought to Iceland by the Vikings in 874-1100 AD. Being isolated on the island, the genetic makeup of Icelandic sheep is one of the purest left in the world today. Until the first importation of the Icelandic sheep into North America in 1985, these hardy and triple purpose sheep were unavailable outside of Iceland.

Wool: Dual coated fleece - separates easily if desired. VERY low lanolin (8%). This fleece is the most versatile of all breeds. The 2 coats are:
Thel - The soft under coat (2-4 inches). Very fine, some crimp. Spinning count is 64-70 and micron count of 19 - 22. Typical uses are for under garments, socks and baby clothes, sweaters, fine woolen yarn.
Tog - The soft strong long (to 18 inches) lustrous outer coat. Very little crimp and hangs in loose curls. Spinning count is 56 to 60. Micron count is 27 to 30. Icelandic tog is TRUE wool, not kemp or guard hair. Similar to mohair. Typical uses: sewing thread, lace, yarn, embroidery.
Lopi Style Yarn: The two coats (thel and tog) may be lightly spun together creating traditional soft Lopi yarn.